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Get ready to be carried away by the club scene in Cape Town’s addictive tunes and vibe. We’re going to reveal the secrets behind the city’s most thrilling nightlife spots in this blog. With classy lounges offering great views of the city to small dance floors thumping with catchy beats, Cape Town’s nightlife is a partygoer’s dream come true. Whether you’re a pro at partying or a newbie, take a look at this list of the best clubs in Cape Town. Allow us to take you around the most happening places in Cape Town’s vibrant nightlife. Here’s how you can look for a fusion of music, lights, and endless entertainment. Now let’s get the party started!

What’s special about Cape Town Clubs?

The party clubs in Cape Town offer a unique mix of vibrant energy, beating music, and an obvious happy vibe. This unique blend of places which includes both small gathering places with energetic rhythms and modern rooftop bars with stunning views, is what makes them stand out. The nightclubs in Cape Town create experiences rather than just play music. Enjoy a fusion of cultures, friendly people, and an excited party vibe that defines the city’s nightlife. You can dance, interact with others, and enjoy the unique surroundings of Cape Town’s party scene, which features everything from top-notch DJs to quiet areas for small parties. As the music fades, be ready to create memories that will remain forever! So, here’s the list. Pick the one you like the most for your next trip to Cape Town and have an amazing night. 

Top 10 Best Night Clubs in Cape Town

Cabo Beach Club

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Cabo Beach Club, an outstanding beach side place where you can effortlessly move from the restaurant table to the cocktail bar to the dance floor, brings the grandeur of a Vegas pool party to Cape Town. With private cabanas and champagne menus, the beachfront pool deck comes alive in the summer, and you can add an ocean dive pool to the scene. Along with the happening lineup of DJs, keep an eye out for frequent events that include the biggest local and international live artists. This is going to be one of the best nightclubs in Cape Town for your parties. 

Google map link: Cabo Beach Club

Timings: (Saturday, Sunday & Tuesday) 12 pm – 11 pm
(Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Monday) Closed

Grand Africa Cafe and Beach

best nightclubs in cape town long street   - Thetripsuggest

Take in the nightlife of Cape Town, where the allure of a seaside view combines with the fast beats of a live music place and bubbly bar. So, get up, dress up, enjoy cocktails by the beach, and dance under the stars at Grand Africa, a private club that calls you. Every night is a party in this colorful setting with the waves as your backdrop. Grand Africa makes sure an amazing experience with its alluring music, fine champagne, and refreshing coastal wind. As you dance in this great coastal town, get ready to sway to the sounds and enjoy beverages.

Google map link: Grand Africa cafe and beach

Timings: (Everyday) 12 pm – 12 am

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Beer House 

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This is the spot you should visit during your vacation in Cape Town if you also adhere to the philosophy of ‘Drink beer, conserve water.’ This site will surprise you but for all the good reasons. The first establishment in the sassy guide to Cape Town nightlife is the Beer House, often known as the Kingdom of Beer, located on Long Street in the Victorian style. The start of Cape Town’s nightlife includes chandeliers fashioned from recycled beer bottles, 25 beer taps for your enjoyment, and delicious food.

Google map link: Beer House 

Timings: (Everyday) 11 am – 2 am


best nightclubs in cape town long street   - Thetripsuggest

Learn some flashy dance steps and enter the elegant Coco nightclub, which draws the most well-known and rich people in the city. Imagine yourself enjoying elegant drinks in a bar with stylish furnishings and décor. This is a fancy experience, not just a night out. You are a star at Coco in Cape Town, not simply a guest. Get dressed up and experience the glamour of the city’s most lavish club, where the nightlife is simply amazing. Prepare to have fun and create memories while enjoying Cape Town’s opulent nightlife. You can also find the best hotels in Cape Town near this area. 

Google map link: Coco

Timings: (Friday – Sunday)10 pm – 4 am
(Thursday, Friday & Monday) Closed

Safehouse Nightclub

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Looking for the best club in Cape Town? Here it is. Everyone enjoys a little-known secret around the city. And Safehouse is nothing less of a party haven for clubbers that invites people to love mixed drinks. A paradise for parties. The brainchild of renowned South African producer and DJ Das Kapital, Safehouse is hidden in the rear of a key downtown restaurant with a treehouse theme. This implies that any night of the week you can enjoy the music. Anticipate stunning people on the dance floor and refreshing refreshments at the bar. You will also get to witness one of the most exciting nights ever here. 

Google map link: Safehouse nightclub

Timings: (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday) 12 pm –10 pm
(Saturday) 8 pm –2 am (Monday) closed

Modular Club 

best nightclubs in cape town long street   - Thetripsuggest

If you want to go out for a late-night drink in Cape Town, this is the place to go! Hardcore electronic music with a gritty, gloomy vibe is commonly associated with modular music vibe. At this underground club, the techno scene will feel right at home. Nightclubs are always about delving deep into the city’s house culture. To keep guests focused on the beats, there is a rigorous no-phones prohibition on the dance floor throughout three distinct rooms. Four nights a week, a lineup of top local and international DJs keeps the music playing.

Google map link: Modular Club

Timings: (Tuesday and Thursday) 10 pm – 4 am
(Friday and Saturday) 10 pm – 6 am
(Sunday, Monday, Wednesday) Closed 

Cafe Caprice 

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Café Caprice, a Camps Bay landmark since 1999, is well-known for its street-side charm and sunset vistas. During the day, it’s the place to go for Mediterranean treats and tropical cocktails while strolling along the lively strip. On weekends, this stylish location transforms into an opulent dancehall as night falls. House, electro, and funk sounds reverberate from the soundtrack, luring a stylish clientele that isn’t afraid to dress to impress. Adopt the art of dressing up and follow suit to fit in with the chic atmosphere. Experience the transformation of Café Caprice from a laid-back dining spot to a vibrant dancing hotspot on the well-known Camps Bay strip.

Google map link: Cafe Caprice 

Timings: (Tuesday – Sunday) 9 am – 1 am 
(Monday) 12 pm – 1 am

The Waiting Room 

best nightclubs in cape town long street   - Thetripsuggest

This little club and bar, which used to be the actual waiting area for the restaurant downstairs, draws a varied and younger crowd that comes for the popular themed evenings and rotating lineup of top local DJs. The Waiting Room is the place to go if you’ve ever wanted to dance the night away to your favorite songs. A great spot to cool off while taking a break is on one of the balconies that look out over the best nightclubs in cape town long street, Cape Town’s famous late-night fair. For a party, you can choose your favorite drink from the bar and let your hair down. Among many, this is the best club in Cape Town for you to visit. 

Google map link: The Waiting Room 

Timings: (Thursday – Saturday) 8 pm – 2 am 
(Sunday – Wednesday) Closed

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The Piano Bar 

best clubs in cape town - thetripsuggest

The ability of music to bring people together is its ultimate beauty. The next bar spoils you with live music influenced by New York music scenes that make people feel connected to one another and to their own souls. Locals love the Piano Bar because it’s a place where they can hear music from many cultures all under one roof. Get your favorite drink and enjoy the music as you become mesmerized by Cape Town’s vibrant nightlife. Unquestionably among the best clubs in Cape Town to visit. 

Google map link: The Piano Bar  

Timings: (Tuesday – Saturday) 3 pm – 11 pm
(Sunday & Monday) Closed

Asoka Restaurant, Bar and Lounge 

best nightclubs in cape town long street   - Thetripsuggest

Along Kloof Street, pubs and clubs come and go, but Asoka has remained strong because of its outstanding international menu and creatively paired drinks and cocktails. “Enter for dinner, stay for drinks” is the motto here, and you’ll quickly see why tourists and locals adore this area for late nights on carefree weekends when the regular DJs begin spinning their selection of dance music. It’s as attractive as a restaurant and cocktail lounge, but there’s a dancing floor if the music inspires you. Go on and try this one of the best clubs in Cape Town. 

Google map link: Asoka 

Timings: (Everyday) 5:30 pm – 2 am


Cape Town is definitely a beautiful destination to visit if you’re planning to unwind with a vacation anytime soon. With its spirited culture and aura, the city has a lot to offer no matter if you’re someone who loves to be a party-head or a quiet lover. It’s sad to say goodbye to a night full of laughter, dancing, and good times as our list of the top clubs in Cape Town draws to a conclusion. Every place has its own way of making the evening even better, from the polished dance floor of Café Caprice to the laid-back beach ambiance of The Piano bar. Cape Town offers something for everyone, whether you’re dancing at a chic bar or sipping cocktails by the shore. So dress to impress, head out, and let the music lead you through the vibrant nightlife of Cape Town. Many more evenings of enjoyment and creating memories in this amazing city are ahead of us.

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