10 Best Scuba Diving Spots in Seychelles: Explore The Stunning Marine Life at its Best

Some of the best scuba diving spots in Seychelles is what we’ve brought to you this time. Step into fresh air, & aroma of the ocean.

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The times are now gone when people used to rush to the usual tourist spots on a holiday and get back home without having any real fun. When visiting the heart of eastern Africa, Seychelles, it won’t be fair if you do not indulge in scuba diving. A collection of some of the best scuba diving spots in Seychelles is what we’ve brought to you this time. Imagine stepping off the plane into the warm, fresh air, and the aroma of the ocean. It’s finally time to not just imagine this but get under the deep sea and explore what it has to offer with the never-ending underwater world. Take a look at these places and get ready to dive in and have fun with the marine life under water. 

Best time for diving In Seychelles 

Before you jump into the water with your fins on, there might be a lot of questions on your mind like, “When’s the best time to dive?”, “How the visibility would be underwater?” and so on. The great news is that diving in the Seychelles is pretty cool all year round. The water is nice and warm and feels like a comfy bath. On top of that the sunshine makes it perfect for divers. But we are here to tell you about the two best times when diving in Seychelles would feel super amazing and extra fun. 

April to May: This time can be considered the period between the off and peak season. The calm waters in Seychelles are super clear during this period. The experience of exploring the underwater marine life during this time is beyond wonderful. Plus, the weather is usually nice on land too, so you can enjoy the water and the sun.

September to November: Another shoulder season with calm seas and great visibility. This time also overlaps with when whale sharks might show up in some areas, which would be an incredible experience. 

Any diving experience becomes even more fun when the weather is good. So remember, no matter when you visit any diving spot, responsible dive companies will make sure safety comes first and that you have the best experience possible based on the weather that day.

Top 10 diving spots in Seychelles 

One Tree Island

One Tree Island
#1 of 10 Best Scuba Diving Spots in Seychelles

Situated near Praslin Island, One Tree Island is a tiny island where you can experience the best scuba diving in Seychelles for beginners and their families. Soft waves and depths create a calm environment to explore a vibrant underwater life. You can witness colorful creatures like damselfish among other coral formations, while the other playful clownfish are out from their anemone (marine plants) homes. When you reach the sandy bottom, you can see the stingrays and surgeonfish looking out for food while eating the vibrant marine plants. One Tree Island is just the right place for an introduction to the underwater wonders of the Seychelles. 

North Island

Private Islands - North Islands Seychelles
Image Source | #2 of 10 Best Scuba Diving Spots in Seychelles

This special island is nothing less than a paradise with pristine dive sites and great visibility. When you enter the water here, you will be surrounded by some of the most beautiful natural coral formations which are wonders of nature. The underwater is a place teeming with a huge variety of marine life. You can also look out for friendly dolphins swimming in the crystal-clear water, or witness the majestic form of a manta ray fish gliding effortlessly through the sea. North Island has everything one can ask for when it comes to diving. If you’re an experienced diver looking for a luxurious diving experience, offering personalized dive guides and top-of-the-line equipment, this is a great place to visit for diving. 


Lllot - Seychelles
Image Source | #3 of 10 Best Scuba Diving Spots in Seychelles

This small islet with granite stones all around is positioned near Silhouette Island and it offers a unique underwater adventure. You can explore a network of diving and a gallery full of fish life in different forms, colours, shapes, and sizes. Photography enthusiasts will get endless chances to capture stunning images, from underwater creatures in millions of colours to the shy yet curious octopus camouflaged within the underwater stones and nooks. Water currents at L’Ilot can be moderate, making it an ideal place to experience the best scuba diving in Seychelles for beginners with comfortable and slow waves and currents. 

Secret Passage

Secret Passage - Seychelles
#4 of 10 Best Scuba Diving Spots in Seychelles

Situated near Silhouette Island, Secret Passage offers expert divers with its thrilling drift dive experience. Strong currents make you through a small channel, attracting a wide variety of pelagic fish. You will also encounter the barracuda streak in a blur of silver colour, while tuna and jacks can be seen in the deeper waters. As you move ahead with the current, keep your eyes open for friendly dolphins diving in to build a connection with the divers. Secret Passage offers an amazing adventure for divers seeking a unique encounter with the diverse marine life of the Seychelles. Remember, this place is apt only for those who have had an experience with diving before. 

Brissare Rocks

Brissare Rocks - Seychelles
Image Source | #5 of 10 Best Scuba Diving Spots in Seychelles

As the name suggests, Brissare Rocks is a group of granite peaks and solids rising from the sea-bed near Praslin Island, a paradise for fish life. Swim-throughs and the narrow ways between the rocks under the water are surprising creations of nature providing refuge and safety for a dazzling diversity of colorful fish species. Schools of snapperfish and fusiliers fishes move around the rocks, creating a wonderful underwater scene. Divers of all experience levels can enjoy the vibrant marine world of Brissare Rocks, with shallow areas offering the best scuba diving in Seychelles for beginners and deeper sections for advanced divers.

Chuckles Rocks

Chuckles Rocks - Best Scuba Diving Spots in Seychelles
Image Source | #6 of 10 Best Scuba Diving Spots in Seychelles

Chuckles Rocks promises a unique diving experience. Here, you can explore a number of underwater granite rocks and solids that are home to a variety of exotic marine life. Excellent underwater visibility makes this the best scuba diving spot in Seychelles for someone who wants to capture the underwater world in its true essence. You can see playful reef fish dancing between the rocks and shy creatures camouflaged in the nooks and cracks. Chuckles Rocks has something for everyone catering to divers with all experience levels, and offering a relaxed dive with plenty of things to discover.

Wrecks on Mahé

Wrecks on Mahe
Image Source | #7 of 10 Best Scuba Diving Spots in Seychelles

The largest island of the Seychelles, Mahé, boasts several exciting wreck dives. Explore the Ennerdale wreck, a historic British tanker changed into a great artificial sandbar full of colourful and vibrant fishes. The remains of the ancient ships have become a safe place for a diverse range of marine life, offering unique historical and ecological things to explore. For expert divers looking for an adventure that gives an adrenaline rush, Shark Banks is another best scuba diving spot in Seychelles that offers a chance to encounter sharks in the depths of the water. Remember that scuba diving cost in Mahe, Seychelles can vary according to your preference. Wreck dives require proper training and are best suited for experienced divers comfortable with deeper waters.

St Pierre

St Pierre - best Scuba diving spots in Seychelles
Image Source | #8 of 10 Best Scuba Diving Spots in Seychelles

This island near Praslin offers a spectacular wall dive for those who have fived before and for the experts comfortable with drift dives. The dramatic wall coral formations on it make it look like a mesmerising natural wonder teeming with a diverse array of fish life. The cracks, rocks, and other solids underwater act as a haven for shy nudibranchs and playful anemonefish. Moderate currents take you along the wall, offering a remembering journey through this underwater wonderland.

Aldebaran Wreck

Aldebaran Wreck - Best Scuba Diving Spots in Seychelles
Image Source | #9 of 10 Best Scuba Diving Spots in Seychelles

Located near Desroches Island, the Aldebaran wreck is another place to explore the vibrant creatures of underwater marine life. Here, you will come across the remains of a World War II cargo ship that has become an artificial gallery with plenty of fish. Vibrant fishes rush through the wreckage, while larger predators like sharks and groupers keep a watch on the surrounding waters. A dive at this wreck offers a unique historical experience for expert divers who have experienced deeper waters before and can explore the intricate structure of this place.

Napoleon Rock

Napoleon Rock - Best Scuba Diving Spots in Seychelles
Image Source | #10 of 10 Best Scuba Diving Spots in Seychelles

This one is a secluded area but one of the best scuba diving spots in Seychelles. Napoleon Rock happens to be near the Farquhar Atoll and offers an inspiring experience of diving with a huge collection of pelagic fish. This place experiences strong currents in the water that attracts fish like barracuda, tuna, and even sharks. Napoleon Rock is a retreat for diving lovers who can handle strong water currents with a vision to explore the best of underwater life.


A holiday in Seychelles surely calls for a fun time here. And what could be better than an experience underwater that brings an adrenaline rush to your system leaving you with a sense of glory? Seychelles is more than the stunning views. The real beauty of Seychelles is under the deep and clear waters. Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of colour and life. Tropical fish, graceful manta, and even gentle giants like whale sharks are waiting for you to explore what marine life has to offer.  So, if you’re looking for a holiday that combines stunning landscapes with the thrill of exploring an underwater kingdom, then look no further than these best scuba diving spots in Seychelles. Keep in mind that scuba diving in Seychelles can be cheap and expensive according to the tours and packages you choose. The prices for diving start from 80€ and can exceed 350€. Also, every diver is required to go under a training session as well.

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