Top 15 Things to Do in Seychelles For A Fun Time

Get to know about all the fun things to do in Seychelles and add your favourites to your bucket list for your trip to this magical paradise.

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Whether you are newly married or a couple who has spent many years of their lives loving each other, the idea of a fun holiday will always make you happy. Especially if you and your partner both enjoy beachy destinations for your vacations, we have the perfect holiday landing place for you – Seychelles. A heaven for couples, this destination has a collection of around 115 islands and all of them have their own beauty of sand, sun, and waters with their beaches. But that’s not all. Seychelles has a lot more to offer. Get to know about all the fun things to do in Seychelles and add your favourites to your bucket list for your trip to this magical paradise. 

Island Hopping 

Islands in Seychelles
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There is no scarcity of islands when it comes to Seychelles. If you truly want to explore the best of Seychelles, the best way to do this is by traversing every mile of the popular islands and the best places to visit in Seychelles. This excursion will not only help you explore the wide beauty of the nation but also give you a broad spectrum of perspectives. Each island in Seychelles has its speciality and it should be discovered with your loved ones, friends, or your partner. You can hop from island to island by either choosing a boat or a luxury cruise ride or opting for a helicopter tour. This is surely one of the most fun things to do in Seychelles for couples or for friend groups.

Taste the local cuisine 

Local Cuisine in Seychelles

It is said that the ultimate beauty of any tourist destination lies in the taste of the food. No matter if you’re visiting with your partner or with your gang of friends, food is the best way to bond well with your loved ones. Savour on the delicious bite-sized snacks available on the streets or eat a meal at the local restaurant to taste the best and authentic flavours of the local cuisines of Seychelles. If you’re a street food lover, do not miss out on savouring Cajun & Creole, Coco Rouge, Sausage Rougay, and much more. 

Relaxing spa session

Spa in Seychelles
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Couples visiting Seychelles should know about the intensity of the rejuvenation quality of this place. This is the perfect place for you and your partner to relax while you’re on a trip here. The best way to do this is by adding a relaxing spa or massage session to your itinerary. There are many hotels, spa centres, and tourist packages that offer a relaxing spa session according to your needs and preferences. There are a lot of options from facials to full body massages and relaxing treatments for relaxation that you can choose from.

Visit the Takamaka Distillery 

TakaMaka Rum Distillery - Seychelles
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If you’re looking for fun things to do in Seychelles with your partner, it’s time to add a fun twist to your itinerary by visiting Takamaka Distillery. Built-in 1793, this distillery is home to the popular Takamaka Rum Company. In the present day, this is the workplace for the team of the rum company where visitors can take a tour of the distillery, see how the local rum is made, and take a sip of it. Such fun excursions and tours help you know each other better. 

Scuba Diving 

Scuba Diving in Seychelles
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Every vacation becomes extra special when an adventure is added to it. For the water babies who can’t stop themselves but diving into the water, scuba diving is another fun yet romantic thing to participate in with your partner. Explore the marine world and its beauty witnessing some of the exotic water animals, schools of fish, and coral reefs under the water with your loved one. You will touch the wonders of the aquatic world in their true sense and vibrant formations. 

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Witness pretty sunsets

Sunset in Seychelles
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There is nothing better than watching pretty skies when the sun is setting. Watching a sunset is one of the most romantic things to do in Seychelles. The sky blooms with fiery oranges and pinks, melting into beautiful hues of blue as the sun goes low. Palm trees dance gently with the wind, creating long shadows that adorn the beach. The calmness of the setting sun along with the rhythmic waves of the sea create a beautiful moment where you can enjoy a nice walk and long conversations with your partner while holding hands. Such small moments can really keep the spark of your relationship going. 

Romantic Dinner dates

Dinner at Seychelles
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Make your beau feel special on your holiday to Seychelles by planning a special and romantic dinner date. You can either pick a fancy rooftop restaurant that offers the skyline of the capital in Victoria or an outdoor candle-light dinner setup on the beach. This allows you to make your significant other feel they’re special to you. There are many beach restaurants and resorts that offer such arrangements. A night full of good food, soothing music, delicious food, and long conversations featuring silly laughs; all of it sounds just perfect for a dinner date. 

A Shopping Dayout 

Shopping in Seychelles

Shopaholics! If it feels like a crime when you go on a holiday and come back without shopping for some interesting things, we hear you. Sir Selwyn Clarke Market, which is a popular destination for exotic shopping lovers, is the heart of Victoria for shopping lovers. You can get your hands on almost everything from exotic and fresh eatables like seafood, fruits, and vegetables. Not only this, but you can also get some original tokens of remembrance from Seychelles for your loved ones. The market is quite popular for its handicrafts, artefacts, local jewellery, and textiles. 

Go Fishing 

Fishing in Seychelles
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There is no doubt that with a plethora of marine life and aquatic wonders, Seychelles is one of the best places to go fishing. Enjoy grabbing a boat and finding fish in the crystal clear water. With sunshine over your head and the cool ocean wind in your hair, fishing in Seychelles is a fun way to experience the island’s natural beauty and maybe even catch dinner. 

Cruise/Boat rides

Boat Rides in seychelles
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Any coastal region is a great place to go cruise along the clear waters and soak up the incredible views of the island. As you pass through the green mountains and hidden gems of the island, feel the cool ocean breeze on your face. Relax on the deck and listen to the calming rhythm of the waves. You can even jump in for a refreshing dip in the crystal-clear water for some adventure. If not boating, you can also choose a luxurious cruise to explore the Seychelles waters. This is a fun and relaxing way to experience the island paradise.

Hiking or Trekking 

Trekking in Seychelles
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For adventure lovers, a holiday in Seychelles is considered incomplete without exploring the amazing underwater world. Get ready to meet incredible marine life with scuba diving in Seychelles. A peaceful setting for discovering a rich undersea life formed by gentle waves and deep water. While the other vibrant clownfish are not hiding in their homes among the jellyfish, you can see beautiful creatures like damselfish and many other species of fish in other coral formations.


Skydiving at Seychelles
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Let the adventure kick in with skydiving. Imagine the thrill you will experience when you will be u in the air at almost 5000 ft above sea level. This adventure sport is not for the faint-hearted. Ignite the fire of doing something fun on your holiday in Seychelles and get ready to get the best view of the country with skydiving which is considered among the most adventurous things to do in Seychelles.  

Learn and go surfing

Surfing at Seychelles
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Dance on the waves like no one else. If you’re a couple, surfing should be on your bucket list while travelling to Seychelles. Seychelles offers amazing surfing, especially from April to October. Ride on the waves on a longboard or test your skills on challenging breaks in the current. If you’re a beginner you can even take sessions to learn it. 

Dine in at the Marie Antoinette

Dine in at Marie Antoinet
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Looking for the best things to do in Seychelles that satisfy your soul? Nothing can beat the power of food. Along with your significant other, visit the famous Marie Antoinette restaurant in Seychelles. This restaurant is known to be one of the best places that serve authentic Seychellois cuisine with rich and original flavours. If food is the way to the heart for both you and your partner, then don’t think twice while visiting this restaurant. Established in 1972, this palace has been serving delicious food and entertaining people with its old-world charm. Some of the popular dishes that you can try at the Marie Antoinette restaurant are their aromatic seafood curries, grilled prawns, tropical salads, and scrumptious desserts.   

Sunbathing on the beach 

Sunbathing at Seychelles
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There is nothing better than having a fun time with your partner at the beach. Sunbathing is like a ritual and one of the best things to do in Seychelles for couples. You can pick some fruits, snacks, and drinks and plan a picnic on the beach. Even when you’re visiting Seychelles with your family or friends, sunbathing at the beach and getting those tan lines is a must for such an exotic holiday place. Play games, go for a dip in the water, and enjoy the golden sand on your feet when you’re on the beach. 


Seychelles is a holiday paradise for everyone who wants to visit a place that offers stunning views, great weather, and fun activities. This list of things to do in Seychelles is your saviour for your trip to the destination which will make things easy for you while planning the itinerary. From the group of friends to couples visiting here for their honeymoon, this place has something for everyone. While food lovers can stroll the bylanes of Seychelles and find some lip-smacking local dishes, the adventure souls have plenty of options to choose from as well.

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