Best Lunch Places In Delhi to Dine In And Have  A Great Time  

Looking for the best lunch places in Delhi? Explore our curated list of top-notch dining establishments, offering a delightful Experience.

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If you’re a Delhiite, you know that India’s capital is a foodie’s dream come true and has a vibe that is hard to match. Even though there are many places to eat, picking the right spot can sometimes be difficult. Going out to a feisty corporate lunch is a great chance to spend time and build bonds with office colleagues. Not only this, but you can also plan a lunch date with your significant other or perhaps bring up the long-overdue lunch treat with buddies out from the WhatsApp group to reality. Offering the greatest cuisine, drinks, and experiences, there are many great restaurants which are the best lunch places in Delhi. So, you should enjoy exploring new locations and find yourself drawn to renowned eating spots after looking at this ideal list. 

Here are the 12 Best Places to Have Lunch in Delhi 

Jamavar, The Leela Palace

best place to have lunch in Delhi - thetripsuggest

The Leela Palace is home to this renowned fine dining restaurant Jamavar. A grand, royal, and magnificent experience is guaranteed by the cuisine and decor which is more than breathtaking. You can taste their unique collection of international wine labels in addition to their great meals. Not only for lunch with loved ones, you might also pick this place for your team to sit at the luxurious, unique Maharaja Table to wow your employees. Jamavar is undoubtedly one of the best lunch places in Delhi. 

Address: Chanakyapuri

Contact: 01139331380

Must-try dishes: Murgh Malai Kebab, Kadai Gosht

Instagram link: 

Leo’s  Artisan Pizza

best place to have lunch in Delhi - thetripsuggest

Probably the one spot that pizza lovers go to when they want to eat incredibly tasty, airy, fresh, and visually stunning wood-fired pizza. The best place to have pizza created with love, attention, and effort is Leo’s Pizzeria. In keeping with their USP, the menu consists solely of pizza (and salads), with a vegan sans-cheese option as well. The establishment offers a substantial selection of wines and beverages. This place also expresses its love for dogs with their walls dedicated to the love for pets. 

Address: Vasant Vihar 

Contact: 08527366650 

Must-try dishes: Pancetta Pizza, Pepperoni Pizza Pie, Parsley Butter

Instagram link: 

Romeo Lane 

best place to have lunch in Delhi - thetripsuggest

You will instantly fall in love with this adorable place as soon as you are waltzed in because it’s so beautiful and Instagram-worthy! What’s not to love about the rooftop area with its patio-style seating booths, artificial trees, bright and lit interiors, and vibrant decor? And how could any Delhiite ever turn down delicious food and adorable decor design? It will be a sin even to consider missing out on delicious menu items which are nothing but drool worthy! Make sure to include this one of the  best lunch places in Delhi in your next list of must-go-to.

Address: Civil Lines

Contact: 07065111192

Musttry dishes: Chimichanga, Pasta Sandwich, Grilled Chicken Steak 

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The Grammar Room 

best place to have lunch in Delhi - thetripsuggest

The food at The Grammar Room in Mehrauli, which is backed by the famous Olive Bar & Kitchen, is equally delicious as the original restaurant itself. With large windows, white walls, floral couches, and lots of lighting, they have a really nice tropical motif going on. You can imagine the ambiance of this place with the details. They have a vast menu that includes fast food and continental dishes. You can visit here for the perfect lunch time with your gang and have fun while looking outside and enjoying the view of the forest.

Address: Mehrauli 

Contact: 08130288558

Musttry dishes: Mushroom Melt, Spicy Fries, French Toast

Instagram link: 

ABB – Andrea’s Bar & Brasserie

best place to have lunch in Delhi - thetripsuggest

It is highly recommended that at least once in your time in Delhi, you should visit this aesthetically pleasing café in Khan Market if you are near this area. They serve exquisite Italian, continental, and Asian cuisine. In addition to this, the classy and opulent interior of this lunch place adds to the charm. Here, you should definitely try the healthy food options made into lip-smacking dishes along with a great selection of drinks for both alcohol and non-alcohol lovers. You can consider AB as a new gem for your business or romantic lunches, as it is one of the best place to have lunch in Delhi. 

Address: Khan Market 

Contact: 08588823871

Must-try dishes: Chocolate Dome, Avocado Roll, Roasted Vegetables

Instagram link: 

Perch Wine and Coffee Bar

best place to have lunch in Delhi - thetripsuggest

You can always expect a fantastic time at Perch. The aroma of freshly prepared food, the pouring of exotic and flavourful drinks, and the conversation of longtime friends catching up at their favorite place. This place is a great destination for both solo dates and group hangouts and also for first dates. The menu and the atmosphere of this place are suitable for dinners, coffee dates, and brunches.

Address: Vasant Vihar

Contact: 08588889199 

Must-try dishes: Calamari, Risotto, Wine, Sangria 

Instagram link: 

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Nukkad Bar and Cafe

Upgraded just recently, the popular, and everybody’s favourite, Nukkad Cafe & Bar is one of the best lunch places in Delhi to go out with friends and catch up on those unfinished gossip sessions! Their interiors are a replica of an actual Nukkad cafe, adorned with colourful but rustic furniture, quirky paintings, and an outside dining area that feels like a backyard with a vibe. Now that they’ve added peculiar menu items, the deal is officially closed! Make sure not to miss out on the menu’s speciality items. 

Address: SDA Market

Contact: 01141083311

Must-try dishes: Mutton Galouti Kabab, Tadka Maggi, Butter Maggi 

Instagram link: 

Cafe Lota 

best place to have lunch in Delhi - thetripsuggest

Hiding away within the borders of the huge Pragati Maidan area, Cafe Lota is a popular place to have lunch in Delhi that everyone talks about. This is the place to be if you’re looking for an earthy, cosy cafe to vent at or share juicy little gossip with your best friend. The chef’s specialties will have you licking your fingers, so we suggest arriving early and ordering them. The simple yet aesthetic seating of this cafe makes it look more old school.

Address: Pragati Maidan

Contact: 07838960787

Must-try dishes: Coconut Rabdi, Sabudana Pop Corn, Chicken Pasanda 

Instagram link:  


best place to have lunch in Delhi - thetripsuggest

If you’re a fan of South Indian Cuisine, this is the place you should head to. A vibrant atmosphere combined with the bold South Indian flavours, Juggernaut is one of the very famous and appreciated restaurants. With three busy locations, this restaurant’s main outlet is sited in the shopping hub – Kailash Colony. The restaurant is generally packed so we suggest  you make your reservations beforehand. 

Address: Rajori Garden

Contact: 07777974444

Must-try dishes: Podi Ghee Idli, Chettinad Idli, Mla Pesarattu 

Instagram link: 


A culinary haven that welcomes to savour on to the delicious food dishes that carry an exquisite South Indian flavour, is the Padmanabham Restaurant. This place is widely known for its welcoming ambiance, courteous staff and an experience that is dreamt by almost everyone who calls themselves real foodies. The unique thing about this place is that it is one of the very few restaurants serving food authentically on a banana leaf.

Address: Kailash Colony 

Contact: 09871200662

Must-try dishes: Chettinad Idli, Pineapple Rasam, Sweet Pongal, Paniyaram

Instagram link: 

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Khan Chacha 

best place to have lunch in Delhi - thetripsuggest

We all have a special place in our hearts for kebabs, and Khan Chacha is the best at making them. Delhi NCR is home to several Khan Chacha locations, a landmark that has stood the test of time. They can be seen outside of busy marketplaces, malls, and metro stations. Not to sound overly dramatic, but their kebabs are almost as good as those in Lucknow. Anytime we talk about food, Khan Chacha will always hold a special place in our hearts. 

Address: Khan Market

Contact: 09205592801

Must-try dishes: Chicken Kebab, Kathi Rolls, Kababs

Instagram link: 

Yeti – The Himalayan Kitchen 

best place to have lunch in Delhi - thetripsuggest

It’s time for a restaurant that surely earns a spot on this list: Yeti, which offers the best Nepali and Tibetan cuisine and is the best lunch place in Delhi if you like the food they serve. It’s also one of the few locations where you may find Meghalaya Khasi specialties. Although none of its locations here serve alcohol, the teas are excellent and well worth trying. The portions are big and the service is quick. It is one of the best places to have lunch in Delhi, the ideal location to sample Himalayan cuisine. There are many other cafes in CP for lunch. 

Address: Connaught Place

Contact: 09811815452

Must-try dishes: Wai Wai Bhel, Ema Datshi, Spicy Broth, Thukpa Noodles

Instagram link: 


And that’s it for this time – this was our blog to take you through a walk of flavours and let you know everything about the best lunch places in Delhi! From delicious fine dining to cosy cafes, Delhi’s lunch scene has something for every craving. Whether you’re a local or just someone visiting the Indian capital, these places promise not just a meal but a flavorful experience. So, the next time you feel hungry, get into the wonders of the capital city and check why these eateries make it on the list of the best lunch places in Delhi. 

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