Best Lunch Places In Bangalore For A Perfect Afternoon With Your Gang!

Looking for the best lunch places in Bangalore? Explore our handpicked selection of top-notch restaurants and cafes, diverse range of culinary delights.

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Bangalore people, get ready to spice up your team lunches! We’re getting right into the city’s food scene to find the coolest spots for your work peeps to grab a bite.  Picture this: you and your colleagues, surrounded by the vibrant energy of the Silicon Valley of India, on a quest to discover the city’s hidden gems for team lunches. Whether you’re discussing big ideas or just enjoying each other’s company, Bangalore’s got the goods. From chill cafes to comfy eating joints, our exploration unveils the best places for team lunches in Bangalore and we’ve rounded up the top 15 places to chow down and bond. Say goodbye to boring lunches and hello to the best spots in town for a team feast!

Here are The 14 Best Places for Team Lunch in Bangalore

Lunchtime in Bangalore just got a whole lot more exciting, especially for your team! It’s not just about refuelling; it’s about creating moments that stick. Bangalore’s culinary landscapes offer a spread of options that cater to every taste and mood. Get ready to turn your midday meals into mini-adventures with these places and the lip-smacking food served. 


best lunch places in Bangalore - thetripsuggest

Bangalore people would know about this very famous restaurant chain. Nagarjuna is now named among the best lunch places in Bangalore for those who enjoy or are willing to 3taste Andhra cuisine, having built a prosperous chain of eateries throughout the economy. Several adjectives can be used to characterize the renowned Andhra thali offered in Nagarjuna restaurants, including rich, aromatic, spicy, and tempting.

Must try dishes: Vada Curry, Sweet Lime, Mutton Roast 

Address: Nagarjuna 

Contact: +918042800900

Instagram link: 


You will always remember the food experience at Shiro! You will be overwhelmed with options from this sophisticated restaurant’s broad menu of Pan Asian and Japanese cuisines. With an ambiance like no other, this is among the best lunch places in Bangalore. You will be amazed by the Zen-inspired place with its interesting statues, exquisite décor, and delicious food. It is unquestionably among Bangalore’s finest restaurants.

Must try dishes: Chocolate Sushi, Pecan Tart, Chocolate Volcano

Address: Shiro 

Contact: +918041738861

Instagram link: 

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best lunch places in Bangalore - thetripsuggest

It would be impossible to discuss the best lunch places in Bangalore without mentioning Truffles! This is a great place to visit if you want to stuff yourself with delicious steaks, sandwiches, and burgers. A food paradise, especially for those who enjoy meat. They also have some delicious desserts that are not to be missed. This informal eating café is really popular, so it’s frequently busy, but the wait is well worth it.  

Must try dishes: Eggless Pastry, Corn Dog, Classic Stuffed Chicken Steak

Address: Truffles 

Contact: +918041121160

Instagram link: 

The Green Path Organic Cafe 

The Green Path Organic Cafe in Indiranagar is one of the greatest restaurants in Bangalore. This restaurant offers healthful, organic food that is produced with ingredients that are acquired locally. There’s a lovely outside seating area ideal for a languid Sunday breakfast, and the design is rustic and earthy. So grab some delicious and healthful meal selections with your work team and come over here immediately. 

Must try dishes: Beetroot Payasam, Millet Pizza, Raagi Roti

Address: The Green Path Organic Cafe 

Contact: +919986666778

Instagram link: 

EDO – Japanese Restaurant and Bar 

best lunch places in Bangalore - thetripsuggest

One of the best lunch places in Bangalore’s Koramangala, EDO Restaurant and Bar, is the place to go if you’re searching for something fancier. Along with a wide selection of sake and cocktails, this Japanese eatery has a large menu of sushi and sashimi. It’s the ideal location for a memorable occasion because of the sophisticated yet contemporary decor.

Must try dishes: Sashimi, Tempura, Salmon

Address: EDO – Japanese Restaurant and Bar

Contact: +918022119898

Instagram link: 


best place to have lunch in bangalore - thetripsuggest

If you enjoy eating Italian food, Onesta is sure to excite your senses. A delightful combination of unlimited vegetarian or non-vegetarian pizzas, desserts, and a drink is available at this elegant restaurant which is also the best place for team lunch in Bangalore. It’s a unique place because of the real Italian ingredients and innovative toppings. The soul cuisine offered here in the appetisers is enough to lift anyone’s spirits.

Must try dishes: Herbed Potato Wedges, Chicken Stuffed Pizza, Wasabi Chicken

Address: Onesta

Contact: +919513736274

Instagram link: 

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Ebony Restaurant 

One of the fancy rooftop cafes in Bangalore, Ebony Restaurant, serves a variety of Pan-Indian dishes and has stunning city views. This opulent rooftop lounge restaurant is ideal for anyone planning a romantic evening out in the city because it offers both indoor and outdoor seating options. You can plan to have lunch with your work buddies. 

Must try dishes: Maharaja Platter, Mutton Dhansak, Cream Soup  

Address: Ebony Restaurant 

Contact: +918041783344

Instagram link: 

The Fisherman’s Wharf

best lunch places in Bangalore - thetripsuggest

This Goan restaurant is well-known for its seafood and dishes with international flavors. It features a comfortable outdoor dining space with a bar. This restaurant is very well-known for its food, which is why customers are always drawn to it. This restaurant is open for lunch and dinner, but you might need to make your reservations beforehand. 

Must try dishes: Goan Crab Curry, Badami Broccoli, Squid Tempura

Address: The Fisherman’s Wharf

Contact: +919844080000

Instagram link:  


best lunch places in Bangalore - thetripsuggest

Although there are many good restaurants in Bangalore, not all of them can claim to be works of art. But Windmill Craftworks is one of those hit spots that brighten your evenings with music, beer, food, and literature in a dazzling or dimly lighted setting. Not only this, it’s among Bangalore’s most romantic dining establishments. So, if you’re planning a date with bae, this is probably the best place to have lunch in Bangalore.

Must try dishes: Bacon Salad, Lamb Kofta, Vanilla Creme Brulee

Address: Windmill 

Contact: +918045217761

Instagram link: 

Salvadores Fine Dining 

With a spectacular Victorian theme décor, Salvadores Fine Dining provides a different and luxurious dining experience. In addition to fine wines and spirits, the restaurant also serves a variety of dishes and cuisines with global and Mediterranean flavours in them. For those searching for a classy night out, this place is the perfect and one of the best lunch places in Bangalore. 

Must try dishes: White Wine, Tiramisu, Steak

Address: Salvadores Fine Dining 

Contact: +918025584076

Instagram link: 

Green Theory 

best place to have lunch in bangalore - thetripsuggest

Salad-loving vegans, with our searches for the best lunch places in Bangalore, we also have you covered. Apart from a few basic Indian dishes, Green Theory is a vegan restaurant with a colonial decor that serves international cuisine and they taste amazing. A tasting menu featuring some of the most well-liked dishes on the menu is offered to the customers.

Must try dishes: Mexican Tortilla Soup, Baby Corn Cigars, Oreo Cheese Cake

Address: Green Theory

Contact: +918861435956

Instagram link:  

Bistro Claytoipia

Paint-your-own pottery is an option at Bistro Claytopia, an eclectic bistro with a distinct international menu. India’s first paint-your-own-pottery workshop and restaurant, the cafe boasts gorgeous decor. Having the ability to paint ceramics while enjoying dinner is the place’s unique selling point. 

Must try dishes: The Bistro Chicken, Mushroom and Cheese Sandwich 

Address: Bistro Claytopia

Contact: +919538706203

Instagram link:  

Time Traveller 

best lunch places in Bangalore - Thetripsuggest

Offering a vast variety of international cuisine, Time Traveller is a top-notch buffet restaurant, which is great for get-together or team lunches. The setting is warm and inviting, and the food is excellent. Since it’s open 24-hours, you can always find some food there. This is one of the best lunch places in Bangalore, so make sure to check it out.

Must try dishes: Veg Buffet, Noodle, Salads, Deserts

Address: Time Traveller 

Contact: +918040400400

Instagram link:  


One of the top restaurants in Bangalore, Toit, is the king of cafés and has established an unrivaled standard. This location is a “must-visit” for any first-time visitor because of its freshly brewed beer, upbeat music, and extensive selection of international main courses and appetizers. Have lunch with your loved ones or coworkers and take in the wonderful atmosphere and music of this place. 

Must try dishes: Veggie Attack, Cheesy Potato Skins, Mushroom Bites

Address: Toit 

Contact: 09019713388

Instagram link: 

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So folks, there you have it – the ultimate list of lunch places where you can have a blast with your team or group of friends in Bangalore! Whether you’re a die-hard foodie, a casual lunch lover, or just someone looking for a cool spot to hang out, Bangalore has your lunch game sorted. From trendy cafes to snug nooks, now you’re armed with the best lunch places in Bangalore. So, grab your gang, head to these great places, and let the good times and great food roll! Happy munching, Bangaloreans!

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