10 Best Cafes in Majnu Ka Tila for Every Special Hangout 

Indulge in the ultimate café experience in Majnu ka Tila, Delhi. Explore our comprehensive guide to find the best café that offers a perfect Ambience.

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People, get ready to enter the Tibetan world of Majnu ka Tila, Delhi, where every corner boasts many cafes waiting to be explored. Whether you’re someone who loves coffee or a visitor with a craving for charming hangout spots, this blog is your passport to the best cafes in the bylanes of this Tibetan colony. From the aroma of freshly brewed coffee to the sweetness of delectable desserts, Majnu ka Tila’s cafes offer a diverse and inviting experience. Let us take you through the narrow lanes and vibrant alleys, exploring hidden cafes and popular spots too. Remember, these are the places where you can unwind with a cup of your favourite brew and indulge in the comforting ambiance. So, get ready to discover the calmness and warmth along with the charm of Majnu ka Tila’s best cafes – a perfect blend of flavors and heritage!

Ama Cafe

best cafe in majnu ka tila - Thetripsuggest

Ama Cafe, probably the best cafe in Majnu Ka Tilla, welcomes guests with a lovely atmosphere and comforting cuisine. It offers a wide variety of exotic and delicious delicacies in addition to some really nice and delicious drinks that will surely make a place in your heart. When you enter the cafe, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and other desserts attracts you. You should definitely taste these treats! Due to the popularity of this cafe, you might have to wait for your table, so make sure you reach a little early.  

Must try dishes: Blueberry Cheesecake, Tibetan Butter Salt Tea, Cinnamon Cake

Average cost: ₹900 for two people (approx.) 

Address: Ama Cafe

Timings: 7:30 am – 10 pm

Insta link: https://www.instagram.com/amacafedelhi/?hl=en 

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Himalayan Restaurant 

Best cafes in Delhi - Thetripsuggest

With its rustic and cemented walls adorned with paintings and snaps from the Himalayan region, this best cafe in Majnu ka Tila has everything its name suggests. Despite being a restaurant that is not known to many, this place offers some special dishes that you may not find somewhere else in Maju ka Tila. With a cozy ambiance, this place is perfect if you want to try some Himalayan cuisine and make the most of your time with your friends or loved ones. 

Must try dishes:  Tingmo, Chicken Momo, Noodles

Average cost: ₹950 for two people (approx.)

Address: Himalayan Restaurant 

Timings: 10 am – 10:30 pm

Insta link: https://www.instagram.com/himalayanrestaurant/?hl=en 

Gangnam Korean Restaurant 

Best cafes in Delhi - Thetripsuggest

If you enjoy Korean food, you should go to the exclusive Gangnam Korean Restaurant with your friends for a filling and delectable Korean dinner. Their seating arrangement is in the literal Korean style in the cabinet system, and you can wear Hanbok, a traditional Korean attire, together with their modern, minimalist décor and wooden furniture. Not only this, the interiors have also been adorned with some eye-appealing decors that make this place the best cafe in Majnu ka Tila.

Must try dishes: Tteokbokki, Bibimbap, Kimchi, Sticky Rice 

Average cost: ₹950 for two people (approx.)

Address: Gangnam Korean Restaurant 

Timings: 11 am – 10 pm

Insta link: https://www.instagram.com/gangnamkorean/?hl=en 

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Tee Dee

Best cafes in cp - Thetripsuggest

An elegant, cozy cafe in MKT that serves a vast variety of dishes and drinks from various cuisines. This place, which can truly be called a gem when it comes to food, is perfect for a meal at any time of the day. Their wooden interiors, spacious seating system, and big portions make it the best cafe in Majnu ka Tila for you to go out on a date with your bae or for a long-due lunch with your gang. You can also try some special Tibetan dishes served here if you’re visiting for the first time. 

Must try dishes: Shanghai Noodles, Double Fried Pork, Authentic Tibetan Food

Average cost: ₹500 for two people (approx.)

Address: Tee Dee Restaurant

Timings: 9 am – 10:30 pm

Thak Thakali 

best cafe in majnu ka tila - Thetripsuggest

This is probably one of the very few places in MKT, moreover in Delhi serving authentic Nepalese cuisine. With the old-time kind of interiors with a rustic and quiet environment, this place offers a calming ambiance for you to enjoy your meal. So if you’re someone who likes to enjoy food in serenity, this is the place you should head to for an authentic taste of Nepalese food and experience the traditional seating system too. 

Must try dishes: Chicken Thakali, Jhol Momos, Wai Wai Sadeko

Average cost: ₹300 for two people (approx.)

Address: Thak Thakali

Timings: 9:30 am – 10 pm

Insta link: https://www.instagram.com/thak_thakali/?hl=en 

Rigo’s Restaurant + Rigo Bistro 

best cafe in majnu ka tila - thetripsuggest

A modern bistro for the modern generation, Rigo is surely one of the best cafes in Majnu ka Tila. You should definitely go to Rigo’s Restaurant and have a taste of the food they are serving. Delicious Chinese, Thai, Italian, and Tibetan food is served at this multi-cuisine restaurant. The atmosphere of the restaurant is classy, understated, and relaxed. This is why it’s the best cafe in Majnu ka Tila for a cozy date with your significant other or a hangout with your friends. 

Must try dishes: Veg Gourmet Burger, Chicken Sausage Pizza, Devil Momo Chicken

Average cost: ₹1,200 for two people (approx.)

Address: Rigo’s Restaurant + Bisto

Timings: 12 pm – 9:50 pm

Insta link: https://www.instagram.com/rigo.restaurant/?hl=en 

Yamuna Cafe

best cafe in majnu ka tila - Thetripsuggest

A cafe with a view of the Yamuna River? Yes, please! What could be a more ideal plan than dining in delectable food, enjoying delicious cocktails, and taking in the amazing views of the Yamuna River? We don’t think anything can beat that. All of this and so much more is served at this cafe. This place is highly recommended because of its elegant furnishings and color-blocking concept. So make sure you visit here right now for a great experience!

Must try dishes: Veg Grilled Burger, Pancakes

Average cost: ₹500 for two people (approx.)

Address: Yamuna Cafe

Timings: 9:30 am – 9:30 pm 

Kham Coffee House 

best cafe in majnu ka tila - Thetripsuggest

A cup of coffee in a pleasant ambiance sounds just right for a simple yet special date. And Kham Coffee House is just the right spot to experience what we just mentioned. Tables made replicating big tree trunks with Himalayan colors on the seating make this place quite alluring. The owner, who loves to interact with his customers who visit the cafe, makes this place the best cafe in Majnu ka Tila. From coffees to mocktails, they have a special flavour for everything. 

Must try dishes: Caffe Latte, Mud Cake, Hot Chocolate

Average cost: ₹850 for two people (approx.)

Address: Kham Coffee House

Timings: 7:30 am – 10 pm

Insta link: https://www.instagram.com/kham_coffee_house/ 

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Busan Korean Restaurant

best cafe in majnu ka tila - Thetripsuggest

Busan Korean Restaurant is yet another fantastic location to savour mouthwatering Korean cuisine. Not only this, it is one of the best cafes in Delhi to try Korean food. This restaurant will win your heart on the first visit because of its striking interior design, vibrant atmosphere, and wide cuisine. This place also offers live barbeque right on your table so you can enjoy your Korean meal in its true sense. Their ramen and other Korean dishes are worth giving a try. The place is usually full, so make sure you reach there before time and wait for your turn. 

Must try dishes: Bulgogi, Smoked Pork, Kimchi, Ramen 

Average cost: ₹1,400 for two people (approx.)

Address: Busan Korean Restaurant

Timings: 11:30 am – 10 pm

Insta link: https://www.instagram.com/busan_korean_restaurant_delhi/?hl=en 

Signature Cafe 

Best cafes in Delhi - thetripsuggest

Signature Cafe, a recent addition to the Majnu ka Tila cafe scene, stands out with its spectacular rooftop setting that offers panoramic views of the Yamuna River and the Signature Bridge. The cafe’s aesthetic setup and impressive menu make it a standout choice. With a delightful combination of live music and delectable dishes, it’s the perfect spot to visit with friends. Experience the charm at this great spot while enjoying the scenic beauty at Signature Cafe.

Must try dishes: Peri Peri Fries, Sushi, Momos

Average cost: ₹1,200 for two people (approx.)

Address: Signature Cafe 

Timings: 8 am – 10 pm

Insta link: https://www.instagram.com/signaturecafedelhi/?hl=en 


We hope that after exploring the top cafés in Majnu ka Tila, Delhi, you have found a few new favourites to satisfy your hunger. A hint of cosiness and community can be found in these cafes’ enticing interiors and aromatic coffees. Majnu ka Tila’s cafe culture is a treasure lane just waiting to be discovered, whether you’re a guest or a local. So gather your friends, stroll around the colourful bylanes, and enjoy the community heritage this place has to offer. You can also check out the best cafes in CP if you like on our website. 

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