9 Cheap Places to Travel in Europe – Budget Friendly Destinations

When we think of traveling in Europe, we frequently envision expensive getaways that are only possible once or twice a year. However, just like in many other parts of the world, if you look closely enough you will discover that several European countries are just as beautiful as France or Netherlands and some are even more so but are only half as expensive.

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When we think of traveling in Europe, we frequently envision expensive getaways that are only possible once or twice a year. However, just like in many other parts of the world, if you look closely enough you will discover that several European countries are just as beautiful as France or Netherlands and some are even more so but are only half as expensive.

After exploring Europe, we’ve compiled a list of the cheapest European countries that you will find both beautiful and affordable.

Here are the 9 Cheap Places to Travel in Europe

1. Albania

Albania, Europe

Without a doubt, Albania is a surprising country to visit. In this region, you can find majestic mountains similar to the Albanian Alps, historic cities similar to Berat and Gjirokastra, and gorgeous beaches identical to those in the Albanian Riviera.

Albania is one of the few undiscovered holiday destinations in Europe that are both stunning and reasonably priced.

Another advantage to visiting Albania is that it is one of the most affordable and stunning nations to visit in Europe. The food is affordable as compared to other cities.

With food costing about 5 USD per meal and lodging costing as little as 9 USD per night. Albania is the place to go if you’re looking for a destination in Europe that has it all and costs half as much.

2. Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania (The Baltic States)

Estonia, Europe

Most tourists who travel to Europe frequently overlook the Baltic countries, but they may not be aware that these countries can provide a unique opportunity to learn for a very reasonable price.  Latvia and Estonia are considered one of the most affordable yet cheap places to travel in Europe. Here you can learn about Europe’s long-forgotten past and experience small towns and forests straight out of a fairy tale.

Lithuania is the least costly, and Estonia is the most expensive of the three Baltic States, but overall, you should anticipate paying about 6 USD for a meal and about 14 USD for lodging.

Considering how stunning cities like Vilnius, Riga, and Tallinn are, this is a decent value. If you want a truly distinctive European experience, we wholeheartedly urge you to travel to the Baltic States.

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3. Poland

Poland, Europe

Poland is a developed nation with all of Western Europe’s amenities for a fraction of the cost. Poland is one of the most picturesque nations in Europe, with its vibrant architecture, amazing history, and castles straight out of a fairy tale.

Cities like Krakow and Warsaw are the kind that perfectly combines their distinctive quirkiness with their deep, frequently dark history to entice you to stay longer and learn more.

Mountains in the south, such as those in Zakopane, have views comparable to those of the Alps in Western Europe. All European tourist attractions, including the colonial past and snowy mountains, may be found in Poland. Hence the country is a worthy visit.

4. Slovakia

Slovakia, Europe

Slovakia is a neighboring country to Poland. It is a lovely and reasonably priced travel destination for budget traveling.  Slovakia is a very appealing destination because of its size, culture, and amiable people, even though it is not as vast or filled with activities as Poland. This place is often counted as the cheapest place to travel in Europe

Home to the Tatra Mountains, you may spend some time trekking in the region’s northern regions and also explore Kosice’s historic center, where you can find many stunning old buildings and strongholds that are rarely visited.

A supper costs about 6 USD in Slovakia, while a night of lodging costs about 17 USD. Slovakia is a terrific spot to visit if you’re searching for a less-touristy and reasonably-priced country.

5. Georgia

Georgia , Europe

Georgia is still worth noting even though it is virtually on the edge of what travelers would consider Europe because it is home to many stunning views and hipster scenes that are exclusive to the country.

The capital Tbilisi is a fantastically creative city with a young population that craves innovation and positive energy. The city reflects this with various entertaining establishments and imaginative dining options.

Don’t miss that Georgian cuisine. Without a doubt, these are superb! If you haven’t visited Georgia, we urge you to give it a try.

They are unique, delicious, and, most importantly, inexpensive. The cost of living in Georgia is about $2 per meal, and the nightly rate for lodging is about $9, which is about as inexpensive as it gets in Europe.

6. Southern Spain

Georgia, Europe

Travelers’ one of the most recommended countries in Europe is Spain.

There are many things to do in Southern Spain, from the magnificent Alhambra Fortress to the picturesque sunset location you can visit here and explore its fascinating history and breathtaking scenery.

In contrast to the rest of Spain, Granada, and Southern Spain are still fairly accessible in terms of cost.

7. Hungary

Hungary, Europe

Hungary is famous for its innumerable ruin bars, rich history, and breathtaking architecture like the Hungarian Parliament Building that you may visit, Hungary is another affordable European country that provides a similar experience to that of pricey cities in Western Europe like Berlin.

The average dinner in Hungary costs around 7 USD, but if you seek hard enough, you may locate a substantial piece of falafel for only 3 USD. Compared to Western Europe, the cost of lodging was about 13 USD per night in a hostel. This makes Hungary one of the cheapest places to travel in Europe

8. Athens – Greece

Athens, Greece

Athens is Greece’s capital and largest city. With a recorded history spanning more than 3,400 years and the presence of the earliest civilizations between the 11th and 7th millennia BC, Athens is one of the oldest cities in the world. 

With its dynamic atmosphere and winding streets, Athens is regarded as one of the most recognizable towns in Europe. You may discover the nightlife and heritage culture there.

In Athens, there are a variety of inexpensive hotels and local dining options. If you prepare ahead of time, you can get a good deal.

9. Porto – Portugal

Porto Portugal

Porto is the second-largest city in Portugal and a significant Iberian Peninsula metropolitan hub. About its metropolitan region, Porto is a small city with a population of 237,559 people.

One of Europe’s oldest cities is Porto, located in northern Portugal along the estuary of the Douro River. One of Portugal’s most well-known products, port wine, is named after the city of Porto because Vila Nova de Gaia’s cellars, in particular, were in charge of packing, shipping, and exporting fortified wine. 

Porto is an excellent destination if you want to travel on a budget. It is well-known for its graffiti art, picturesque locales, and wine culture. For budget travelers, Porto is a must-visit place as public transportation is considerably less expensive which makes travel more affordable. Also, lodging options are reasonably priced.

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