Best Beaches in Santorini to watch a stunning sunset

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of Santorini's best beaches. Explore our guide to find the perfect beach for your dream vacation in Santorini.

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At some point in our lives, we all have been fascinated with the vision that comes in front of our eyes when we are on a beach. Those of you who still have not got the chance to roam along the tedious waves of the ocean are missing out on beautiful scenery. But no sweat, this time around, this blog of ours will surely ignite your wanderlust making you want to visit these places where the sea meets the sun as far as the eyes can see. Fasten your seatbelts folks, because we are taking you to the best beaches in Santorini. The island settled in the southern Aegean Sea offers all the Greek vibes one needs for an amazing vacation. The houses are painted white looking like castles and the rays of the Aegean Sea falling on the cliffs make this place one of the most popular international destinations for all travel and romance lovers. Other than sunsets and panoramic views that have the potential to make your heart skip a beat, the beaches here are to die for. So let us get straight into it. 

Best time to visit: 

Whether you crave vibrant shores busy with water sports and beach bars, want a secluded beach for romantic dips, or dream of family-friendly shores with gentle waves, Santorini has a beach waiting to welcome you. If you’re a fan of sunbathing, then you should make sure to check the best time to visit these best beaches in Greece. The best time to visit any travel destination is when the weather is nice and warm, and when the footfall is less. When it comes to Santorini, months from April to early June and September to early November are considered the best to visit. The temperature at this time is comparatively low, which is a maximum of 30ºC and an average low of 24ºC, and easy to bear which helps visitors to explore the city better. During the peak season (July and August), the prices are high and beaches are crowded.

Note: To travel to most of the popular beaches mentioned in the blog, visitors may have to primarily reach Fira, the main town in Santorini from where you can get buses. 

Top 10 Beaches in Santorini for You to Visit 

Red Beach

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First one on the list for a reason. This beach is one of the best beaches in Greece and the most visited in Santorini. The red rock face, the black sand, and the turquoise blue water add a lot of drama to the view with such contrasting colours. The beach is situated on the southern shore and gives away stunning vistas, especially during the sunsets. Being a popular tourist spot, the footfall on this beach is huge. You can soak up in the sun, take a dip in the water of the Aegean Sea, and get your Instagram-worthy pictures here. The beach experience here is one of the best in Santorini. 

Google map link: Red Beach 

How to reach: Buses for Red Beach leave from Fira, Santorini’s city, and rental or private taxis make it simple and easier to get here.          

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Perissa Beach

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This is another great one on this list of best beaches in Santorini. Perissa Beach is like a city on its own. Also famous as the perfect party beach, Perissa is the volcanic beach. The black sand which is believed to be lava sand covers the beach and gives it a sight that is enjoyed by visitors. This beach has also won the Blue Flag awards for cleanliness despite being a long stretch of water shore. The beach offers various fun activities for people who want to enjoy the sun. You can take a dip in the cold water, kids can make their own sand castles, and the adventurous ones can go for some really fun water activities available on the beach. The water activities include parasailing, jet skiing, windsurfing, canoeing, and banana boats.

Google map link: Perissa Beach  

How to reach: It takes 23  minutes by cab from Santorini Island to Perissa. The Fira Central bus station is located 8.5 km from Santorini Airport, and you can also reach the beach by bus. You need to take a different bus from Fira to Perissa. 

Kamari Beach

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Another black sand beach that has a warm spirit is Kamari Beach and it attracts thousands of tourists every year. The best part of this beach is that it has something for everyone, no matter what interests you have or what age group you belong to. This makes it one of the best beaches in Santorini where you can be with your family. The beach also has a famous resort of the same name and offers a plethora of bar and restaurant options for people to try and enjoy. It is another long beach on Santorini island. You can also enjoy water sports like jet skiing in the ocean and windsurfing for fun. 

Google map link: Kamari Beach 

How to reach: From Santorini, travellers can take a bus to the Fira Central bus station, from which they can get another bus to Kamari Beach. An additional option is to take a taxi, which typically takes ten minutes to get from Santorini to Kamari.

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White Beach

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As the name suggests, we have now landed on a white sand beach and this one is absolutely stunning and one of the very popular beaches too. The cliffs are covered in white, the shore of the beach in shades of black-grey sand and pebbles, and the crystal blue colour of the sea creates an amazing contrast. The dramatic view looks even more beautiful at this beach during sundown. You can go snorkelling at this beach and experience underwater marine life and other adventures. This is one of the brightest and best beaches in Greece where you can have a relaxing time with your loved ones for a vacation. White Beach also has a wide array of options for bars and eateries. 

Google map link: White Beach 

How to reach: The only way to get to the beach is by taxi boat, which leaves daily from Red Beach. The beach is not accessible by car. 

Perivolos Beach

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If you’re looking for fun activities and a calming time at a beach, Perivolos Beach is one of the best beaches in Santorini for you. Situated on the southeast coast of the island, it is the longest beach there. You can plan a visit here with your bae or your friends and have a great time. Whether you like long walks along the shore or enjoy partying at the most happening beach bars, this place has it all. With many amenities available here, you can bathe in the sun or rent a jet ski and go for a fun ride on the waves of the ocean. There are a couple of party places too on the beach where you can let your hair loose while enjoying a glass of your favourite drink. 

Google map link: Perivolos Beach

How to reach:  The nearest accessible place is Perissa. You can easily get to the Perivolos through regular buses. Another way is to travel by cab or taxi.

Vlychada Beach

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For people with families, this one is the perfect place for a perfect family time. With a 75-metre shore and shallow waters, this makes it one of the best beaches in Santorini where kids can have the time of their lives. The best part of this beach is the quiet environment which allows you to get away from the hustle-bustle of your daily work life or from the city life. Vlychada Beach has some great restaurants and bars where you can enjoy some good food along with drinks. In the daytime, you can easily find huge umbrellas and sunbeds where you can go snorkelling and look at the underwater marine life. This beach is a combination of adventures and nature’s beauty. 

Google map link: Vlychada Beach

How to reach: Situated on the southern shore of Santorini, Vlychada Beach is easily reachable by bus or vehicle from the island’s capital, Fira. 

Eros Beach

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Time to know about this hidden gem of Santorini. A place where you can witness the art of nature with crystal clear water, rays of the setting sun falling on the waves, and creating a view that brings calmness to your mind. It is one of the best beaches in Santorini for couples to visit. After the view here is a romantic one. If you want to have a different yet fun experience while roaming on this beach, you can spring on a horse for a special experience. The cliffs in the background of this beach add to its beauty. You can go for a swim, take long walks with your partner and make the most of your time here. 

Google map link: Eros Beach 

How to reach: On Santorini’s southern coast lies  Eros Beach. It is located close to Vlychada, and the only way to reach it is by using a dirt road that ends at a parking lot with restricted access by the shore.

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Monolithos Beach

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Located on the eastern coast of Santorini, Monolithos Beach is the place where you can spend a whole day. With a few hotels nestled in the surrounding area, this is another most visited beach on the list of best beaches in Santorini. People come here to enjoy the remarkable views that people can have by climbing the giant rocks. One thing that separates Monolithos Beach from other Santorini beaches is the bottom of the ocean elopes slowly from the island and not abruptly. Those who like to indulge in the sporty vibe when on a beach can have fun at the play area and a volleyball court available here. Despite all of these things, you can find an abundance of umbrellas and sunbeds to have a chilled-out time here with your loved ones. 

Google map link: Monolithos Beach

How to reach: The three major ways to get to the beach are via bus, bike, or vehicle. You may take a bus to the beach from Fira, the capital city. 

Caldera Beach

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Time to explore another hidden gem on this list. Do not forget to keep your cameras ready while visiting this beach as it offers beautiful views just like the ones we see on those travel postcards. Located in the northern region of Akrotiri, Caldera Beach is a small yet wild beach in Santorini. It is one of the best beaches in Greece which is not known to many. This one is the ultimate destination for those who embrace the calmness of the ocean waves along with the chirping of birds. This beach is also popular among the locals of the area as Balos Beach. With deep waters, the Caldera Beach is also liked by water adventurers, scuba divers to be precise. Since the sand has a pebble-like structure, make sure you carry good beach shoes while visiting. 

Google map link: Caldera Beach 

How to reach: A taxi or a cab is the quickest way to go from Fira to Caldera Beach. 

Agios Georgios Beach

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Located in the Perivolos village, Agios Georgios Beach is another best beach in Santorini that welcomes people with a great setup. This is another hidden beach on the list although it has the same extension on Perissa and Perivolos beaches. With sun beds for you to lie down and relax, and umbrellas where you can take shade, this beach has aced the organisation factor and cleanliness. You can try many different water sports here like windsurfing, scuba diving, jet skiing, or even boating. You can even try some of the delicious Greek dishes at the nearby restaurants while sipping on your favourite drinks from the bars nearby too. So, do not miss out on this chance to enjoy a splendid view at this beach. 

Google map link: Agios Georgios Beach

How to reach: Buses that leave from Fira, Santorini’s capital, and rental or private cars are the easiest ways to get to Agios Georgios Beach.


No matter when you choose to visit, one thing is sure, Santorini will leave you in awe. As we wrap this blog up, this is your sign to pack your bags, grab your favourite swimsuit, and get ready to take a look at the beauty beyond the blue waters. The Aegean Sea and its beautiful shores are waiting. Take a trip to this destination and enjoy an unforgettable time here at these best beaches in Santorini, where each of these has its own charm. And as you reach there, remember that Santorini’s magic lies not just in its beaches, but in the feeling it delivers too. It’s a place where the ancient history of volcanoes meets the beauty of the universe, inspiring you to take a walk along the shores and experience the serenity that comes with it. So, go on, explore, and let Santorini show what it has to offer. This was it from our side. Till then, plan your vacation and have a great time with your loved ones. 

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