Best Water Park in Delhi NCR to Beat The Heat 

Escape the scorching heat and dive into a world of excitement at the top water park in Delhi NCR. Find the Ultimate water park experience.

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As we move forward with the seasons in 2024, the refreshing summer of Delhi is nearing too. While we’re excited to get into the summer fun yet again this year with fun activities, we all know the heatwave can also affect our mood. And to keep our reader’s mood always happy, this time we’ve got the perfect idea for a super fun summer activity that you can indulge in. If the summer sun is bothering you, be smart and make it a part of your water activities. Sounds fun! Let us bring some joy to the upcoming summer season. We are here this time with some of the best water parks in Delhi NCR. Get ready to be splashed away by a wave of summer fun and create memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you love getting adventurous at the water parks or dipping your toes in the pool for the first time, this blog is your guide to the exciting and spine-chilling water rides. 

For the family crew: Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about the little ones (or the adults who are still kids at heart!). In this blog, we have also mentioned the availability of dedicated kids’ zones at the water parks where the little ones can have fun in the rain dance, lazy rivers, and more such rides that are perfect for creating lasting memories for the little Aquamans. 

Top 10 Water Parks in Delhi NCR 

Adventure Island 

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Just like the name of this place, it surely delivers adventure in terms of rides. This theme park is perfect for a fun day outing with family and friends. With 25+ rides, this park will make you happy while giving you chills with the thrilling rides. The amusement park is not only limited to water rides but it also has a number of other outdoor adventure activities that everyone from kids to adults will love. In between your fun sessions here, you can also grab yummy bites at the food court available on the premises. This is one of the best water amusement parks in Delhi NCR where you can come and have a good time with your family. The water rides here include a splash pool, Aqua Bump, Splash dunk, Rain dance, and many more. Make sure you check the availability of the water park and get your tickets booked in advance. 

Google map link: Adventure Island 

Contact information: 09717825958

Timing: 11:00 am – 7:00 pm

CostWeekdays: Adults: Rs 350

Children: Rs 350

Sr Citizen: Rs 350 

Weekend: Adults: Rs 500

Children: Rs 500

Sr Citizen: Rs 500


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Jurassic Park Inn

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Other than real dinosaurs, you will witness here everything you saw in the super famous Hollywood movie of the same name. So if you’re someone who loves to seek some thrill in adventures, this is your chance to have a fun and watery experience at this water park – Jurasik Park Inn. The water park has been made with a theme inspired by the Jurassic Park movie. This is one of the best water parks in Delhi NCR if you’re looking forward to a good time with your loved ones. Beat the heat of the summer sun at this water park which is known to be one of the cleanest and well-maintained amusement parks in Delhi NCR. Whether you are making plans with your family or trying to catch up with your friends for a fun day out, this is a pretty good place that you can visit. If you’re visiting with family, stay stress-free because safety here is an important factor and the park has lifeguards present in almost all the water rides. 

Google map link: Jurassic Park Inn

Contact Information: 08882388843

Timing: 10:30 am – 6:30 pm

Cost: Weekdays: Adults: Rs 750

Children: Rs 500 

Sr Citizen: Rs 500 

Weekend: Adults: Rs 1000

Children: Rs 750 

Sr Citizen: Rs 750 


Fun N Food Village

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One of the oldest yet popular water parks is the Fun N Food Village. Most of you would agree that this was known to be the coolest amusement park in Delhi during your childhood days. Although the crowd at this very famous water park in Delhi NCR has decreased over the period of time, thousands of people still visit here to spend some quality time with families. There are many water and amusement rides available that both children and adults can enjoy. If you want to take a day out away from the chaos of city life and chill for a day, this is a great place. From rain dance to lazy river, from wave pool to water slides, you can easily spend a whole day here having fun and getting a pill of relaxation. Although the park has gotten old now, you can still enjoy some epic rides here like the longest water slides in India. 

Google map link: Fun N Food Village

Contact information: 01143260000

Timing: Monday – Friday: 11 am – 6 pm

Saturday – Sunday: 11 am – 7 pm

Cost: Couples: Rs. 2360

Adults: Rs. 1180

Kids: Rs 900


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AapnoGhar Amusement & Water Park Resort

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For those who are looking for a long weekend of enjoyment but still do not want to get away from the charm of Delhi NCR, we might have found the perfect place for you. You can now spend your day with your loved ones while having a blast in the water and letting your hair loose. Apno Ghar Amusement and Water Park Resort is one of the prime locations in Delhi which is liked by a lot of people for its ambience. This resort with a water park and amusements lives up to its name, welcoming guests to feel like they are at home. The water park and entertainment area, together with the resort’s large space and natural surroundings, provide an excellent escape for fun along with some delicious food. Apno Ghar caters as a great place for families and friends to enjoy a great time. This is another old charm that is still entertaining people with its recreational activities just right. 

Google map link: AapnoGhar Amusement & Water Park Resort

Contact information: 07666779997

Timing: 9:00 am – 7:00 pm

Cost: Adults: Rs. 1250 (Above 54 inches of height)

Kids: Rs. 675 (Between 33 inches to 54 inches of height)


Worlds of Wonder 

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As summer is approaching, get ready to have some fun in the water along with some fun rides and activities. Worlds of Wonder is next up on the list of water parks in Delhi and NCR. No matter what your age, this water park has something to offer to everyone. Worlds of Wonder will surely WOW you with its exciting rides. From rain dance to go-karting, from water rides to giant swings, from mega disco to beach vibes with a wave pool, this place is packed with such activities and rides. You will have a lot of fun here despite the age group you belong to. While most water parks have similar rides, Worlds of Wonder has options for both, those who like being a little too adventurous and the ones who are a little scared to enter a deep-pool zone. Not just this, the water park also has a cafeteria where you can sit, relax and grab a bite of tasty snacks to gain back your energy before getting back into the water. 

Google map link: Worlds of Wonder 

Contact information: 08069090000

Timing: 11:00 am – 7:00 pm 

Cost: Adults: Rs 1450

Kids: Rs 999 


Appu Ghar Oyster

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Those who have been living in Delhi would remember this name quite well. Once in a lifetime, we all have been to Appu Ghar during the summer vacation. This is another old name on the list of water parks in Delhi NCR. The water park is popularly also known as Oyster Beach. A few years back, Appu Ghar was shut down temporarily, but the authorities brought it back with this new name. The rides, however, are not the same as before in number, but the amount of fun you can have here remains the same. You can plan a fun day out with your buddies or a family outing with your people here. Appu Ghar or Oyster Beach has some of the highest rides in India here that are worth trying for a spine-chilling experience. Columbus, Rapid Racer, Beach Waves, Typhoon Tunnel, Lazy and Crazy River, and many more are the most liked slides here. The park also has a special section for kids where the little ones can have their own world of water activities.

Google map link: Appu Ghar

Contact information: 09599595678

Timing: 11:00 am – 7:00 pm

Cost: Adult (above 120cm): Rs 999

Child (90 – 120cm): Rs 699

Senior Citizen (60 years and above): Rs 999 


Atlantic Water World

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Escape the heat of Delhi’s sun and get into a world of exciting fun at Atlantic Water World, the ultimate fun-filled spot of water parks in Delhi NCR region. It is Situated amidst a lush green area near the Yamuna River which also offers a beautiful view. Atlantic Water World is known to be one of the best world-class water parks that offer an unforgettable experience for families, friends, and those who like to have some excitement and adventure. The park happens to be around the Kalindi Kunj barrage. With a total of 30 rides in the adventure park, you have a lot of options to choose from while having an experience that will give you butterflies in your stomach. Not just this, Atlantic has two special rides – Aqua Funnel and Tornado in the water park which are considered to be the first two in any North Indian water park. This one on the list of water parks in Delhi NCR has been rated 4th among others. People residing in Faridabad, Noida, and Delhi can easily visit here. 

Google map link: Atlantic Water World

Contact information: 09540004091

Timing: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Cost: Adult: Rs 1299 ( Above 4 Feet )

Child: Rs 799 ( 3 to 4 Feet )

Senior Citizen: Rs 899 ( 65 years & above )


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Drizzling Land 

Water park in Delhi NCR - thetripsuggest
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Want to have some fun and ditch the summer sun without spending much money? Next up is the water park which is known to be one of the best among all the water parks in Delhi NCR. With a huge man-made waterfall, that people call Drizzling Land’s own Kempty Falls, this place has many fun activities that make it worth visiting at least once in a lifetime if you are in or near Delhi NCR.  In addition, they plan to include Mud-Adventure activities and have a food court by the pool. Saying that Drizzling Land is more than just a water park is safe. The water park is filled with more than 30 activities featuring enormous pools and roller coaster rides. Whether you’re someone who likes to try some of the best rides again and again or someone who wants to keep floating in the lazy river.

Google map link: Drizzling land water and amusement park 

Contact information: 08882778855

Timing: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Cost: Adult (Above 4 feet) Rs 950 

Child (up to 4 feet) Rs 650 

Senior Citizen (Above 60 years) Rs 650 

Stag (Only Boys Group) Rs 950 


Splash – The Water Park 

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Situated on the GT Karnal Road, Splash – The Water Park is another popular adventure and water park in Delhi NCR. Splash can be considered one of the best combinations of adventure and water rides. It is one of the most liked water parks in Delhi NCR. With cyclone family rides, multi lane slides, and other various water and adventure rides, this place has something for everyone, whether you’re a thrill lover or someone who likes to laze around in the water. You can try the different rides and get splashed into the water while touching down the pool. On the list of all the great water parks in Delhi, Splash Water Park is ranked 3rd for its amazing and well-managed amusement park. If you’re looking for the perfect plan for the weekend, this is it. 

Google map link: Splash – The Water Park 

Contact information: 9306993017

Timing: Monday – Friday: 9:00 am – 10:00 pm

Saturday – Sunday: 10:00 am – 11:00 pm

Cost: Children (height 2’9″ – 4’6″): Rs 400

Adults (height 4’6″ +): Rs 600

Couple Entry:  ₹ 1000


Wet and Wild 

best water amusement park in Delhi NCR - Thetripsuggest
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An ideal location that has the potential to become your and your family’s favourite is Wet N Wild. This is another old but public favourite and one of the best water parks in Delhi NCR that you can visit. The best part about this property is that it is both an amusement and water park and a resort, which also makes it a great staycation place near Delhi. You can explore this place to spend a great summer weekend while getting drenched in water. With exciting water slides, 5 outdoor pools, gaming zones, a little setup as the golf course and so much more going on. It is hard not to fall in love with this place. So if you’re interested in making your weekend a little more fun and getting away from the daily commotion of life visit Wet N Wild and indulge in an excellent experience. Take a dip in the pool or be a part of the fun activities here with your little ones and make your summer weekend full of memories. 

Google map link: Wet and Wild 

Contact information: 01244812100

Timing: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Cost: For children (3 To 9 Years): Rs 400 

 For adults (10 Years & Above): Rs 500 

Final Thoughts: 

As we near the end of this blog, we hope we helped you with your summer plans. This list of water parks in Delhi NCR is your guide to getting drenched in water this summer season and beating the heat of the summer sun in style. Not only are these places great for a fun day planned with your friend but you can also have a good time with your family. With places that have dedicated kids’ zones at the water parks, you can have fun with your little ones without worrying about them. Not just this, you can grab a quick bite of delicious snacks as well if you feel hungry or want to regain some energy to get back into the water. 

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