These Tourist places in Lakshadweep Will Certainly Win Your Heart 

Discover the breathtaking beauty of Lakshadweep tourist places. Immerse yourself in the pristine beaches, vibrant marine life, and rich cultural heritage of the islands.

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Lakshadweep, one of India’s tiniest union territories, is a group of islands that is winning hearts of the travellers. With 36 islands and many other interesting places in the region, each one of them has something special about it. And this is exactly what we will be discussing in this blog – Lakshadweep tourist places. Lakshadweep, which deciphers a hundred thousand islands’ has everything that a traveller dreams of. Greenery, crystal clear blue water on the shores of the beaches, and most importantly, atmospheres that are so quiet that one might forget the noises of the daily commotions of city life. Not only this, this place has a lot of mini islands too which have distinctive attractions which are worth visiting whenever you plan a vacation to Lakshadweep. Water sports, diving activities, and many other interesting activities can be done in these tourist spots. From exploring Lakshadweep Island to trying your hands on the craftwork of the local artisans, it is a place where you can collect many lifelong experiences. 

Note: The best time to visit Lakshadweep (and other islands around it) is from October to May. As the weather during these months is moderate and humidity and monsoon are less, it makes the right time to enjoy the water activities and explore the islands with ease and comfort.

Here are the best tourist places to visit in Lakshadweep 

Minicoy Island 

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Popularly also known as Miliku, Minicoy Island is one of Lakshadweep Island’s most well-known features. This one marks to be one of the obvious places to visit if someone is planning to visit anywhere near this island. It happens to be at the southernmost atoll of Lakshadweep resulting in the iconic beauty that this place offers to the visitors. Being a small island, one needs one to two days to explore this Lakshadweep tourist place. The beaches are clean, beautiful, and quiet allowing you to unwind from your daily busy life. It is surely a great escape for someone looking for a real escape. 

How to reach: One way to reach Minicoy Island is by boarding a ship to the island from Kochi, Kerala or by taking a flight from Kochi to Agatti Island as it is the nearest airport. 

Google map link: Minicoy Island 

Things to do: You can go hiking and boat rides for fun. Other than that, try the local cuisine and savour the food. 

Marine Museum

If you are someone who loves to explore nature and its beauty, this is the place for you to visit. You can explore the plethora of aquatic life along with other interesting artefacts. With a wide variety of fish species on display, the museum aims to educate the public about the importance of aquatic life. One of the most popular attractions at the museum is the shark skeleton. While roaming around the museum, not only your kids but you too will be astounded by the wonders of marine life. So, get on with your plans to visit Lakshadweep tourist places and do not miss out on this one. 

How to reach: The nearest airport is Agatti Airport, from where you can take up local travel to cover the 60 km distance. 

Google map link: Marine Museum  

Things to do: Get to know anything and everything about the marine ecosystem of Lakshadweep. 

Bangaram Atoll

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Secluded from the other islands and being a spot that is one of the uninhabited, Bangaram Atoll has a charm that soothes the heart and mind of the visitors. This place is the perfect amalgamation of beauty and adventure with its vast array of marine life. The vibrant marine creatures one gets to witness reflect the enormity of nature. At night, the water of the beaches glows on the coral sand shores due to the phosphorescent plankton, and trust us, it is worth an experience.

How to reach: The nearest airport to the atoll is Agatti Island, where regular flights take place from Kochi. The waterway is also accessible to the destination

Google map link: Bangaram Atoll 

Things to do: Plan for scuba diving or snorkelling and be amazed by the diverse marine life underwater. Also, the colourful coral formations are worth witnessing at least once. 

Thinnakara Island 

Lakshadweep tourist places - thetripsuggest

Next up is another beautiful and tiny coastal island for people wanting to visit Lakshadweep tourist places. Taking the shape of a drop, this island offers a combined view of the long palm trees, enchanting sand shores, and longing ocean waves, along with a plethora of flora and fauna. The Lighthouse Beach is another attraction on the island that should be a must-visit on the list of visitors. With nature all around, this place surely gives away the peaceful vibes to relax from the busy modern-day life. 

How to reach:  Travel from Kochi to Agatti Aerodrome, the only airport in Lakshadweep, which is situated 8 kilometres from Thinnakara. Take a speedboat to Thinnakara from Agatti. 

Google map link: Thinnakara Island 

Things to do: Other than the usual boating activities and snorkeling experience, one can also indulge in the fun activity of paddling, enjoy sunsets, and meet rare marine creatures. 

Kavaratti Island 

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This one is special as it is also the capital of Lakshadweep. Other than the beautiful white sand beaches, colourful marine life, and flora make this island one of the most spectacular Lakshadweep tourist places. Situated at a distance of 360 km from the mainland of Kochi, Kavaratti is also on the list to be soon developed into a modern city. Special glass-bottomed boats for boating are available offering tourists a clear chance to witness the underwater journey of the island.

How to reach: During the fair season (October to May), boats are available from Agatti to Kavaratti and Kadmat. During the monsoon season, helicopter transportation is provided from Agatti to Kavaratti, depending upon helicopter availability. In general, one can take a flight to Agatti island, from where you can board a boat to reach the island.

Google map link: Kavaratti Island

Things to do: Activities include water bike rides, sailing boats, parasailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, water skiing, and the well-known glass bottom boat, from which visitors can see vibrant underwater coral and reefs. Activities like dolphin sightings, snorkeling, lagoon cruises, and cultural tours are also available.

Pitti Bird Sanctuary

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This one is surely one of Lakshadweep’s famous tourist places. To reach the bird sanctuary, you can reach Agatti Island in Lakshadweep. It is a tiny little island secluded from the other islands. However, the authorities have well-maintained the island for visitors and tourists. The bird sanctuary is a great add-on in Lakshadweep tourist places as it is home to many rare species of birds that are on the verge of extinction. If you’re travelling with kids, this is a great place to visit. While the bird sanctuary is one of the most popular wildlife harbours, you can witness over 75 species of birds here. 

How to reach: Agatti is the closest airport to the Pitti Bird Sanctuary in Lakshadweep. Agatti can be reached by regular flights from Kochi, Chennai, and Bangalore. Travellers can also take ferries from Agatti. 

Google map link: Pitti Bird Sanctuary 

Things to do: While travelling to the sanctuary, take in the enormity of the ocean and observe a variety of marine species, including the greater crested tern and the sooty tern, at their breeding grounds.

Ujra Mosque 

One of the top attractions in Lakshadweep is the Ujra Mosque. Out of more than 30 mosques in Lakshadweep, this deserves special attention. It is one of the popular Lakshadweep tourist places with significant spiritual significance in the Lakshadweep Islands, particularly in Kavaratti, the capital. The Mohideen Mosque is another name for the mosque. What makes this spiritual place a popular tourist spot is its intricate details of the architecture. A place where people of the Muslim community offer prayers has an exquisite exterior and interior. 

How to reach: The mosque is in Kavaratti. Visitors can take a flight to Agatti island which is the nearest airport, from where you can board a boat to reach Kavaratti to visit the mosque.

Google map link: Ujra Mosque  

Things to do: Other than being a treat to the eyes with its intricate architecture, this place is known for its divine positivity. You can offer prayers here with your loved ones. 

Kiltan Island

Lakshadweep tourist places - thetripsuggest

Now is the time to discuss the island which is probably the most visited from the Mangalore seaport. After all, many of its colonial elevations are worth taking a look at. Being home to spots that are stunning, this island has something that will bring your mind to calmness. Lakshadweep tourist places have much to offer to its travellers. Earlier, the city served as a hub for trade between the Persian Gulf and Ceylon. The main Amini island is just 52 km away from this location. There are many other islands too other than Lakshadweep which you can check in our list of islands in India blog. 

How to reach: Both flights and ships are available from Kochi to Agatti (the nearest airport). You can also take ships directly to Lakshadweep from Kochi. 

Google map link: Kiltan Island  

Things to do: You can see that the island is abundant in vegetation. During their cultural evenings, you can take a look at Kiltan’s rich folk dancing culture.

Chetlat Island 

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Sited in the northernmost region of Lakshadweep, Chetlat is the island with the most population. It is said that Chetlat island is a must-visit if you want to take a look at the occupational activities of the people of Lakshadweep. This place has witnessed the boom of weaving and boat-building industries from the inception of the 20th century. Chetlat is also a popular Lakshadweep tourist place as it has seen the sufferings at the hands of the Portuguese. The turquoise water on the beaches of the island is another factor making it a great tourist attraction. 

How to reach: The nearest airport is the Agatti Aerodrome in Lakshadweep which can be reached by flight from Kochi. For the railway route, you can also de-board at the Ernakulam Junction in Kochi and take a flight from there to Lakshadweep. 

Google map link: Chetlat Island 

Things to do: Fishing, snorkelling, scuba diving, cultural tour, island hopping, and many other activities can be done here. 

Amini Island (Amindivi Island) 

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With an oval shape and stationed at 407 km from the mainland of Kochi is Amini Island, which is also particularly known as Amindivi Island. The island is a great place to visit while visiting Lakshadweep as it is quite popular for its rich culture and tradition of folk songs. With turquoise waves touching the coral sands at the shore, the island looks far more than just stunning. You can enjoy the dawn and dusk on the beaches of Amini Island by either taking a walk with your partner or simply enjoying the calmness that lies within.

How to reach: After reaching Agatti Aerodrome (the nearest airport) you can take a ride on a ship/boat to reach the island in Lakshadweep. 

Google map link: Amini Island  

Things to do: On the island other than water sports and adventures like Kayaking, snorkeling, and sailing, there are some craftspeople who create walking sticks from coconut and carve out beautiful patterns and motifs. You can observe, learn, and even give it a try.


Situated in the Arabian Sea, Lakshadweep, a charming union territory of India, offers travellers with its charm of a hundred thousand islands. Known for its scenic beauty and out of the world islands, Lakshadweep is a marine wonderland that is worth exploring for travellers at least once in their travel journeys. With clear waters flowing through white sandy shores and the gentle whispers of flowing palm trees, Lakshadweep is certainly a masterpiece of nature. The calmness of Lakshadweep’s sea waters invites you to enjoy the view and explore the islands. Before visiting the destination, make sure to know about the best time to visit Lakshadweep for a better experience. Lakshadweep offers a haven of the best places to visit, promising an unforgettable journey into its beautiful views.

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