Holi Events In Bangalore To Have A Colourful Celebration

Discover the most vibrant Holi events in Bangalore for 2024! Immerse yourself in the joyous atmosphere as you join fellow revelers in celebrating the festival of colors.

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As the vibrant festival of Holi is on the way, it brings with it a cluster of colors, happiness, and a sense of joy that fills the air. Holi, known as the festival of colors, is a celebration that breaks all barriers, uniting people in shades of different colours and spirited arty. Holi is all about streets awash with the playful dash of colourful powders, infectious laughter echoing through the air, and the warmth of shared moments painting the city. However, in the bustling metropolis of Bangalore, where daily work life often comes first, finding time to get in the joy of festivals can be a challenge. The chaos of the city often leaves its people with hectic schedules, making it easy to lose sight of the festive cheer that’s just around the corner.

During busy work days and fast-paced city life, festivals become a chance to break free from monotonous life with a burst of colors and camaraderie. Holi, in particular, serves as a much-needed pause button, a moment to step away from the regular routine and immerse oneself in the colours of celebration. To make this happen, allow us a moment to introduce you to some of the most happening Holi events in Bangalore 2024. Here you go! 

Get to know about the most happening Holi Events in Bangalore 

Holi Hangout

holi special events in Bangalore - Thetripsuggest

Holi can bring people together like no other festival. To add more colours to this togetherness of people, Holi Hangout is a Holi event in Bangalore that will take place in its full form. Vibrant colours, lively music, a cultural meetup, and an unforgettable time. What more could one ask for in a Holi event? It is going to be a sensational celebration where people will come up to get coloured in the festivities. Such gatherings help to encourage people to come forward for more cultural meets on occasions like festivals. Be a part of this event and celebrate the festival of colours in the radiant spirit. Oh, and do not forget to devour the yummy food there too. 

Date and Timing: 25 March, 2024 | 8:30 AM

Cost: For Female Entry: Rs 100 

For Male Participants: Rs 1000 

Google map link: Cubbon Park, Bangalore 

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Rangila Utsav

holi events in Bangalore 2024 - thetripsuggest

Get ready with your party mood as this is going to be one of the most happening Holi events in Bangalore. Anything you want and need at a great Holi party is present here at this event. With a spacious open area, access to the pool to throw your friends in, and a series of rain dances that will uplift the mood of this Holi party, this event will be full of vibrant energy and happy faces that you will witness the moment you enter here. Food treats and colours will be complimentary here, so all you have to carry is your party mood to enjoy the festival at your best. No party is ever complete without some blasting music and thus, you will have nonstop music for 7 hours straight.

Date and Timing: 24 and 25 March, 2024  | 11 AM

Cost: For kids (per head): Rs 99

For women (per head): Rs 299

For men (per head): Rs 499

Couple entry: Rs 599

Google map link: Meenakshi Resorts, Bangalore  

Colours of Holi 2024

holi special events in Bangalore - thetripsuggest

Holi should always be celebrated with a little more grandeur and to make that happen, one of the biggest Holi events in Bangalore 2024 is back and this time, even better. ‘Colors of Holi 2024’ is a flamboyant celebration that brings people together and makes good times the best. The event will feature herbal colours, tasty snacks and exciting drinks for you to savour and sip, dance in the artificial rain to add more to the happiness and booming music along with the beats of dhol. Are you excited to be a part of a day that is full of excitement, celebration, and joy? If yes, you should not miss out on this one.  

Date and Timing: 23 March, 2024 | 10 AM 

Cost: Rs 199 onwards 

Google map link: – Venue to be announced 

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Hello Holi

holi special events in Bangalore - thetripsuggest

Exciting fun games that will make your heart race, rain dance that will get you drenched in the Holi fever, food, and drinks that you will want to have more and more, and loud and rousing music that will make you want to dance till the day ends, get ready to experience all of these things at the Hello Holi event in Bangalore. The day of this party is going to be full of excitement, entertainment, and enjoyment. So if you are looking for Holi special events in Bangalore, this is one of the potential places to be at to attend a fun-filled celebration of colours. All you need to do is register yourself, get the pass, and have fun at the venue along with others who are ready to have fun. 

Date and Timing: 25 March, 2024 | 11 AM

Cost: Rs 99 onwards

Google map link: Jayamahal Palace Hotel, Bangalore 

Whitefield’s Biggest Holi Festival

holi events in Bangalore 2024 - thetripsuggest

Get ready to dive into the most vibrant Holi celebration in Bangalore. Experience Whitefield’s Holi festival featuring 10 celebrity DJs playing the latest beats, a delightful rain dance, and a big 5-star hotel lawn for people to enjoy a battle of colours. Bite on some of the delicious snacks, feel the beats with live dhol, and capture your colorful moments at the vibrant photo booth. With so many exciting elements at a Holi party, you certainly should not miss out on the Holi event in Bangalore 2024. The grand stage sets the scene for an immersive celebration, while the live bar showcases the biggest setup for your favourite drinks, both mocktails and cocktails. It’s the ultimate Holi bash, promising laughter, music, and hues of joy. You would not want to miss this Holi event in Bangalore. 

Date and Timing: 24 March – 25 March, 2024 | 11 AM  

Cost: For kids (per head): Rs 49

For women (per head): Rs 199

For men (per head): Rs 299

Couple entry: Rs 399

Group of 5: Rs 899

Group of 8: Rs 1399

Google map link: Aloft Hotel, Bangalore 

Desi Holi Vol. 8

holi special events in Bangalore - Thetripsuggest

2024 will surely witness some of the crazy Holi events in Bangalore this season. This year, if you’re looking forward to attending Holi events in Bangalore 2024, Desi Holi is surely one you should consider. Imagine celebrating your Holi in an open-air concert and island ambiance, lush green lawns with a massive setup under the sky. Sounds interesting right? Well, this is what the Desi Holi event is all about. Providing the perfect celebration, this event allows guests to dance with a sunset view, where people can also revel in a huge rain dance and groove to the music. Free organic colors, live food stalls, and a dedicated bar counter will be available at the venue ensuring a hassle-free, entertaining celebration. With high-tech security and a pet-friendly vibe, Desi Holi promises the ultimate Holi party in Bangalore! 

Date and Timing: 23 March – 25 March, 2024 | 10 AM 

Cost: For kids (per head): Rs 199

For men and women (per head): Rs 499

Google map link: Lago Palms Resort, Bangalore 

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Rangilo Pahad

holi events in Bangalore - thetripsuggest

All the Pahadis out there, we have good news for you if you’re in Bangalore. Get ready to play Holi in the traditional pahadi way. Rangilo Pahadi is not simply any regular Holi party, it is a celebration of dance, music, culture, tradition, colours and so much more straight from the hills. This event will have a blast of the DJ beats along with the pahadi folk music. Dedicated specifically to the heritage of Uttarakhand, this is one of the popular Holi events in Bangalore. Not only this, this event will also have dhol damau and masak baja played during the celebration which are the traditional folk music instruments of Uttarakhand. If you are interested in experiencing the Holi festive celebration in Pahadi style, be a part of this Holi party this season.

Date and Timing: 24 March, 2024 | 10 AM 

Cost: Rs 400

Google map link: ITI Football Ground, Bangalore 

Contact Information: 

For any queries related to these Holi events in Bangalore, you can reach out to  +9122 6144 5050. You can also get additional information related to ticket pricing, other facilities, food, age groups allowed, etc on this number. 


With a prism of all shades of happiness, Bangalore is all set to turn into a canvas of joyous celebrations. This time around with our blog, we are on the way to unfolding a chapter of Holi events. Each of these events promises an unforgettable experience. From the open-air concerts with various music genres to the green lawns, huge stage and bar setups under the Bangalore sky. All these Holi special events in Bangalore will weave a different story of happiness and crazy enjoyment. With free organic colors, live food stalls, and pet-friendly vibes, these gatherings offer more than just festivities. And all of this captures the spirit of community and togetherness just right. As you plan your Holi scenes in Bangalore, take a look at the events mentioned in the blog ensuring a paint-soaked, music-filled, and joy-full celebration. May your Holi be as vibrant as Bangalore’s lively spirit. 

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