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People say - Travel, the pocket screams - Money! But we say, you need not to be rich to travel. We have curated the best on-budget travel ideas to help you hitchhike with the travel bug in you.

Budget travel doesn’t mean cheap or secondary accommodations. Infact, it can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. Here we bring you the10 amazing ideas for budget travelling in Africa

There are numerous budget friendly places you can explore in America. Here are the 10 Cheap Countries to Visit in South America.

North America has the best attractions for budget travel as there are still plenty of great places to visit if you’re willing to make do without luxury hotels and fancy restaurants.

Planning a budget trip in Oceania? Well, it may be inexpensive if you smartly plan your holidays here. Australia, however, has many less well-known locations that are beginning to be discovered. There are several things you can do without compromising your budget. 

When we think of traveling in Europe, we frequently envision expensive getaways that are only possible once or twice a year. However, just like in many other parts of the world, if you look closely enough you will discover that several European countries are just as beautiful as France or Netherlands and some are even more so but are only half as expensive.

Bali is an incredible place to visit for solo travelers, honeymoon couples, and adventure lovers. There are several affordable places to visit in Bali where you enjoy the best part of your life. 

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Share your best low in budget and high in value stories to leave your trail for many to follow. We will feature the best of the stories for the ones who are to backpack and kick-start their trip on Budget.

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