Best Places for Dinner in Ahmedabad To Try For A Feast! 

From traditional Gujarati delicacies to international flavors, find the best dining spots in Ahmedabad for an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

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Since many of us foodies are always trying to follow the gut of ‘explore everything’, we often try to find places with the best vibe and food. Because after all, what better combination can there be than good food and a good mood, right? And when it comes to food, rather than going for a place that is unknown, it is always advisable to get to know everything about the place you’re going to eat at. So, if you reside in or are planning a visit to Ahmedabad, you’re in luck. This time we are here with the fanciest and fun places to try your palate at. Read on! 


best place for dinner in Ahmedabad - thetripsuggest

The lovely restaurant Agashiye, which means “terrace” in Gujarati, is probably the best place for dinner in Ahmedabad. The restaurant, which is divided between two terraces, offers a vast food menu that honors traditional Gujarati food and other yummies too. The food is made in the live terrace kitchen, and the menu changes on a daily basis. Agashiye serves two types of thalis: the larger Silver Thali and the Kansa Thali, which has sixteen delicious dishes. However, if you’re wondering how much one can eat from it, the Kansa Thali is more than enough for two people. The thali’s offerings showcase the wonderful simplicity of Gujarati cookery, including the Bajari Ni Rab (bajra soup), Masedar Bataka (potato dish), and Fangavelu Kathol (green sprouts).

Address: Agashiye  

Contact: 07925506946

Musttry dishes: Deluxe Veg Thali, Guava Ice Cream, Authentic Gujarati Food  

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Swati Snacks 

One of Ahmedabad’s best places for dinner in Ahmedabad, Swati Snacks is originally from Mumbai and continues to feed a large number of tourists and local fellas every day. Order the well-known panki chatni, a savory rice pancake steamed between banana leaves, if you are visiting Swati Snacks for the first time. While many don’t know about this dish, it is one of the ancient recipes of the founder, Asha Jhaveri’s 73-year-old grandmother. The recipes have been passed down through the generations. 

Address: Swati Snacks 

Contact: 07926405900

Must-try dishes:  Malai Malpua, Lemongrass Ice Cream, Thali Peeth

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Earthen Oven 

best place for dinner in Ahmedabad - thetripsuggest

The Earthen Oven is well known among the locals as Ahmedabad’s most romantic supper spot; it’s a haven for non-vegans that seamlessly combines live music. Lovebirds should not miss the characteristic biryani of this historic restaurant, which is renowned for its spectacular views of the city, regal ambiance, and distinctive dining experience. Do keep this in mind when searching for Ahmedabad’s greatest restaurants for a romantic evening out!

Address: Earthen Oven 

Contact: 07966824444

Must-try dishes: Kebabs, Buffet, Biryani,

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Project Otenga 

rooftop cafes in ahmedabad - thetripsuggest

Project Otenga honours traditional North Eastern cuisine with its seasonally-inspired menu. The restaurant derives its name from Ou Tenga, the elephant apple that is used to make “Tenga,” an Assamese sour dish. They also make delicious sandwiches with unique flavor combinations on soft, fresh bread that are much appreciated. Making healthy food choices and eating healthily are always priorities at Otenga. As there are not many places in Ahmedabad that serve authentic North Eastern cuisine, Otenga is bringing the special flavours in the city with its distinctive approach. The place is situated inside the Ahmedabad University Office Campus, which is also interesting to roam around and observe. 

Address: Project Otenga 

Contact: 09723549105

Must-try dishes: Black Rice Pudding, Spicy Smoked Chicken Dry 

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650 – The Global Kitchen

best place for dinner in Ahmedabad - thetripsuggest

The Global Kitchen in Ahmedabad is a restaurant that reflects the old world charm with its rustic interior. With a lot of wooden furniture that exudes beauty in its simplicity, it’s one of the best places for candle light dinner in Ahmedabad with that someone special. Not only is the restaurant renowned among people for its outstanding decor, beautiful ambiance, and classic architecture, but the polite staff will make you happy from the moment you enter the restaurant till the end of your meal. 

Address: 650 – The Global Kitchen 

Contact: 09824090111

Must-try dishes: Parcha Paneer, Risotto Balls, Thai Spring Roll

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9 Eleven Restaurant

best place for candle light dinner in Ahmedabad - thetripsuggest

You should definitely think about visiting this restaurant if you’re looking for decent places in Ahmedabad for couples to eat when on a date. One of the most romantic restaurants in Ahmedabad, Nine, is the perfect place for a dinner date because of its amazing fusion of delicious food, romantic music, and spacious seating arrangement. Take in the enjoyable cocktails which are also insta worthy, savour the great dining options, and enjoy a great evening with your friends or someone special at this best place for dinner in Ahmedabad. Visit this place and enjoy the fast service along with the vibrant energy that makes it special.

Address: 9 Eleven Restaurant

Contact: 08200096574  

Must-try dishes: Mexican Dumplings, Paneer Achari Tikka, Hawaiian Hunt

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best place for dinner in Ahmedabad - thetripsuggest

Mango is a fine dining restaurant that lies in the centre of Ahmedabad and is housed on a lovely property. It serves a mix of modern and traditional dishes that are sure to please any taste-seeking flavorful treats. For couples seeking a romantic experience, this can be called the best place for dinner in Ahmedabad because of its lovely surroundings and top-notch service.

Address: @Mango

Contact: 09925238230 

Must-try dishes: Ratatouille Cigars, Papad Platter, Hot Pot

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best place for candle light dinner in Ahmedabad - thetripsuggest

The only thing that comes close to alcoholic cocktails for a dinner date at any of the best restaurants in Ahmedabad are mocktails, which are best offered at Tinello’s restaurant.  Brunching is one of the nicest things to do in Ahmedabad, and Tinello is one of the most chic, sophisticated, and lively restaurants. 

Address: Tinello

Contact: 07940171133

Must-try dishes: Risotto, Tiramisu, Bruschetta, Spaghetti

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From the North

Relish the most exquisite and vast menu with delicious flavours From The North at this restaurant which is named the same. This restaurant, which is one of the best places for dinner in Ahmedabad, is like a jewel among all the other essential stones. No matter if you’re with a group of friends, with family, or with your better half, you should enjoy the great flavours and palatable dishes at this place while enjoying the very welcoming environment of the restaurant. With a rustic look and decor of the restaurant, this place emulates the beauty of wooden work and brown hues. 

Address: From The North

Contact: 07948973636

Must-try dishes: Stuffed Paneer, Aloo Tikki Chat, Paneer Platter

Instagram link: 

Skyz Restaurant and Banquet 

For the love birds who are planning for a candlelight dinner, Skyz Restaurant & Banquet is a wonderful and romantic choice of restaurant in Ahmedabad. Known for its delicious food, romantic ambiance, and live music, this vegetarian restaurant is a hit and one of the famous rooftop cafes in Ahmedabad. When it comes to candlelight dinners, this is one of the best places for dinner in Ahmedabad. The breeze falling onto your face and the lively ambiance of the place also make it one of the best places for a get together with your loved ones. With a vast menu specialising in north Indian cuisine, you should definitely not miss out on having a dinner at this palace with your favourite person/people. 

Address: Skyz Restaurant and Banquet

Contact: 08238097831

Must-try dishes: Paneer Lababdar, Masala Papad, Dal Makhani

Instagram link: 


best place for dinner in Ahmedabad - thetripsuggest

Here comes the one restaurant which gives more than just a food experience. From the inside out, Epitome is unquestionably one of the best dinner places in Ahmedabad and romantic restaurants. It is a true example of exquisite and fine dining. From classy interiors to courteous staff that are ready to serve you the best, this restaurant offers some of the great options in food. Epitome makes every effort to amaze its guests with all of its appeals, from the bright lighting to the food that is utterly delicious. 

Address: Epitome Restaurant

Contact: 07925830013 

Must-try dishes: Thai Corn Fritters, Malaysian Paneer Satay 


With Italian and Mediterranean-inspired American cuisine as the specialty of the restaurant, Tomato’s has been winning hearts for a long time now. Since the quality of the ingredients is the main focus of every dish, you can request anything on the menu as vegan, gluten-free, or vegetarian-friendly. Tomato’s provides takeout, delivery, and late-night food options as well. With a more on the funky side of decor and ambiance, this place surely belongs to those who like to explore with their favourite places and try new and exciting food spots. 

Address: Tomato’s  

Contact: 07926461998 

Must-try dishes: Dessert Skillet, Fish Fingers, Nachos Supreme

Instagram link: 

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rooftop cafes in ahmedabad - thetripsuggest

With its eye-catchy décor that captures your attention from the moment you walk through the doors, Rajwadu is among the most distinctive restaurants in Ahmedabad. The artwork, which has a village theme and features gardens and water features within, creates a calm atmosphere that welcomes you. That’s not all, though! Regular folk music performances take place in the courtyard, and they are guaranteed to provide a lovely touch to any evening. Your experience will be unlike anything else in Ahmedabad thanks to the combination of these distinctive features.

Address: Rajwadu

Contact: 07926643839

Must-try dishes: Authentic Gujarati Food, Jalebi,


best place for dinner in Ahmedabad - thetripsuggest

True to its name, visiting the Unlocked restaurant is like travelling to a completely different planet and discovering bliss through its mouth watering fare. Apart from the delicious cuisine at Unlocked, striking décor, fashionable lighting, and imaginative interiors go hand in hand with the contemporary and sophisticated furnishings. The contrasting yet perfectly complementing color schemes of this place make you want to spend the rest of the day here while snacking on their famous and yummy food dishes. 

Address: Unlocked

Contact: 09998131830

Must-try dishes: Spinach Crepe, Sweet Potato Fries, Chicken Parmigiana

Instagram link: 

Kesar – the Royal Cuisine of India

Experience your food like a king and queen in the majestic surroundings and the alluring ambiance of Kesar, one of Ahmedabad’s top restaurants for candle lit dinners, and a part of the Ummed Ahmedabad hotels. Satisfy your cravings for real Mughlai cuisine in one of Gujarat’s top restaurants while immersing yourself in a romantic and loving atmosphere enhanced by live instrumental and hindustani music. Taking a special initiative, this restaurant by the hotel has made an effort to bring the grandeur of Indian heritage forward in the city. While they serve some of the delectable vegetarian dishes, non vegetarian food selections are also one of a kind.  

Address: Kesar – the Royal Cuisine of India

Contact: 09227228959

Must-try dishes: Tandoori Meen Mahi, Rogan Josh

Instagram link: 

Wind and Water 

Known as one of Ahmedabad’s top European restaurants, Wind & Water offers a fantastic dining experience by the pool that’s ideal for a special date night. A sense of tranquillity is created by the serene and lovely environment, which includes tables placed on the glass pool floor and illuminated orange fish. With delicacies like combinations and sizzlers that are sure to satisfy even the pickiest eaters, the food is also among the best in the city. If you’re looking for an experience that boasta the perfect amalgamation of tradition and modernity, this is the place for you to visit. 

Address: Wind and Water

Contact: 07939884444

Must-try dishes: Cilantro Prawns, Handi Lazeez

Instagram link: 


In the heart of Ahmedabad, where the streets are filled with delicious stories, finding the perfect dinner spot is like going on a tasty walk of joy. This listicle has picked out some of the best places for dinner in Ahmedabad to eat, from yummy street food to cozy restaurants. Whether you’re in the mood for authentic Gujarati food, tasty street snacks, or international dishes, we’ve got you covered. So, as you explore Ahmedabad’s food scene, enjoy the tasty flavors and friendly vibes of these special places. Dive into the world of good food, treat your taste buds, and let the yummy charm of Ahmedabad’s dining spots stick with you. Cheers to tasty adventures in this wonderful city also known as the Manchester of India.

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