12 Best Places To Live and Work in India

Best cities are the ones where you live with ease & enjoy the benefits cities offers. Here are 12 best places that are ideal to live in India

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Many places in India are categorized as the best place to live and work. An individual primarily looks for solid infrastructure, sustainable development and a city’s culture. 

Today We will discuss the 12 Best Places to Live and Work in India

1. Bangalore, Karnataka

From Garden City to the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore is considered the most liveable city in India. It is the startup center of India, also known as an IT hub; the city never complains in any case. This makes Bangaluru the best places to live and work in India. The city is beautifully designed with utmost perfection; hence, many techies like to spend their entire lives in Bangalore.

Another reason to stay in Bangalore is its work-life culture. Do you want to go to a shopping mall, gym, entertainment, or arts? You would never find such a great combo in any other city but Bangalore. If anything that could bother you is its traffic, you may find it worth enduring because of the city’s many luxuriousness. 

2. Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra

The northern part of Mumbai, past the Thane, is known as Navi Mumbai. Originated in 1971, Navi Mumbai was a satellite township then. Although the purpose of building the new Mumbai was not clear then, the place is now considered the new district that provides affordable living as the prices are almost 10% cheaper than in old Mumbai. 

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3. Pune, Maharashtra

Famous for education and IT companies, Pune is now becoming youngsters’ first choice to live and work in India. The favourable climate, excellent restaurants, and direct access to metro cities like Mumbai make Pune one of the best places to work and live. If you find yourself compatible with Marathi culture, Pune food and language, then this place is totally for you. Unlike other cities, the nightlife of Pune is happening and decent. 

4. Ahmedabad, Gujarat

The industrial and commercial city of Gujrat is a popular tourist attraction. Also known as one of the central business cities of India, Ahmedabad is featured as the best city to work and live in in the Times of India. What people like about this city is its fastest network, good transportation, and ofcourse the food. 

5. Surat, Gujrat

Surat is the most populated city in Gujarat after Ahmedabad. It is also ranked as the 9th largest metropolitan of India. The city is also known as the city of Flyovers, Textiles and Diamonds.

6. Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

The city is termed the Manchester of South India. Situated on the banks of river Noyyal, it holds significant tourist attractions. This place mesmerises you if you want to hang out with your friends and colleagues. Also, the city is well connected to major destinations like Ooty, Palakkad, Wayanad and many more.

7. Vadodara, Gujarat

The city is home to some of the most outstanding examples of architecture, is a fitting tribute to Maratha leader Sayaji Rao Gaekwad III. Vadodara, referred to as the cultural centre of Gujarat, has grown while preserving its ethnicity and culture.

One of Gujarat’s top cities for education is the city in question. The city’s transportation system is first-rate, and it has excellent connections to other cities.

In addition to this, the city is full of dining establishments and retail centres that will keep you entertained. The availability of goods at your home and delivery services throughout the city make life easier.

8. Hyderabad, Telangana

Hyderabad is the fastest city in south India. It is where people bustle in and out of cafes, temples, offices and other outdoor activities. As per the report conducted by Times of India in 2015, Hyderabad is one of the greatest cities in India to live in. 

In addition, Hyderabad is known for its balanced distribution of business and residents so they can enjoy a hassle-free lifestyle. Also, the city is developing into an IT hub with a world-class airport and foreign schools.

9. New Delhi, NCR

Delhi is known for its delicious food, historical monuments and multiple universities. Although the city is more polluted than other cities in India, Delhi is considered the best place to live because of work and mouth watering Indian street food. 

The largest wholesale spice bazaar in Asia, Khari Baoli Bazaar, is available if you’re concerned about foodstuffs. For the record, Delhi boasts the world’s second-most effective and accessible metro system.

10. Indore, Madhya Pradesh

This city’s rich cultural past, which has been conserved for generations, makes it best. It is the city that exemplifies a fusion of the historical past with a modernized future.

Indore, the commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh, is a centre for businesses. The city was deemed a smart city by the Smart City Mission and won the award for cleanest city in 2017. Indore is the place to live if you wish to have both a modern and traditional lifestyle. Within the boundaries of the city, farming is practised in Indore. Additionally, because the price of the necessities is lower than in most other countries, the cost of living is relatively common here.

11. Jaipur, Rajasthan

The pink city of India is famous for its royal and majestic lives. Here you will find India’s solid historical background and vibrant culture. 

Jaipur will provide peace and tranquillity if you relocate from a large metropolis. Even though there aren’t many career prospects or exciting nightlife options in Jaipur, it’s a place where you can be alone without being among other people. 

Head to Jaipur if you ever want to settle down in life after retirement; the earthy red sandstone buildings will be there to welcome you.

12. Kochi, Kerala

Few people know that Kochi has a rich trading history that dates back to a minimum of 600 years and is still considered the financial capital of Kerala. 

Kerala is known as the paradise of India, so the city is. 

Kochi city is renowned for its top-notch education, expanding IT businesses, and future growth prospects in the nation with the highest literacy rate. The municipality actively encourages culture and art, and there are several locations where you may see graffiti.

The visual splendour of Kochi includes backwaters and the marine drive. Kochi has become well-known for its metro services, despite being known for its connections to the harbour and airport.

It is a metropolis the size of Dubai that is home to India’s second-largest mall.

Now that you know about all the significant areas of India, you can move there with your lovely family. Make a sensible choice, lead a happy, healthy life, and enjoy your work.

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