Vibrant colours and soulful melodies all around, and delicious treats all around, this is what Spain is all about. Majestic palaces of Granada and historic pilgrimage sites of Santiago enhance the beauty and grandeur of this nation. Madrid as the largest city and the capital sets the perfect example as a metropolitan with its joyful energy. 

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13 Exciting Things To Do In Barcelona

Explore the vibrant city of Barcelona with our guide to the best things to do in Barcelona. From iconic landmarks to delicious cuisine.

5 Places To Visit Solo In Spain A Perfect Getaway From Life

5 Places to Visit Solo in Spain: A Perfect Getaway from Life

If you’re feeling confused about where to go for your next solo trip, don’t worry! You’re in good hands. The Spanish countryside is home to many exclusive tourist spots that have little-to-no visitors, which means that you’ll have an amazing time there by yourself. There are several places to visit solo in Spain.