13 Best Places in South America to Visit

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13 Best Places in South America to Visit

South America is bountiful with culture and natural beauty, the continent is home to countries such as Brazil, Peru, Colombia, and Ecuador with so much to offer. It’s no wonder that several travelers are now opting to visit this part of the world. 

South America is home to vibrant cities full of different cultures, activities, and sights. These cities offer several ecosystems and amazing landscapes for visitors who wish to see something new, fresh, and unique.

From adventure-seekers looking for mountain climbing and whitewater rafting in Cordillera Blanca National Park or backpackers searching for hostels in remote areas, these cities have something for everyone.

Here, we uncover some of the best cities to visit in South America that are worth visiting for every traveler.

13 Best Places in South America to Visit

1. Colombia

13 Best Places in South America to Visit

The best thing about Colombia is its diversity of cultures and natural wonders makes it a rewarding country to visit. Tourists come here all around the corner and get to experience the different cultures of the country. 

Visitors can relax at the beaches of Santa Marta, relax with the culture at Mitad del Mundo, or experience the bustling city of Cali. 

Some of the other popular places to visit include the San Agustinillo Trek, the emerald, green Putumayo or the rolling Colombian countryside that gives travelers a satisfying experience.

2. Ecuador

13 Best Places in South America to Visit

This Andean country offers travelers a range of potential outdoor activities. Visitors can enjoy trekking and paragliding in the capital city or go for wild horse riding in the Galapagos Islands. The coastal region of the country is beautiful and is a good place to go for swimming and boating.

Also, the region is home to the archaeological sites of Machu Picchu and the ancient city of Maca. The Galapagos Islands are a must-visit. Some other places that are worth visiting are the Yasawy Falls, the Island of the Dragon.

3. Peru

13 Best Places in South America to Visit

For those looking to experience the old world in the new world, Peru is the place to be. The capital city, Lima, is the perfect blend of a colonial and modern setting. In the Amazon Basin, visitors will find the Amazonia National Park, which is home to the Awajun tribe that lives in harmony with nature.

The Amazon River also holds the potential for adventure activities like kayaking or canoeing. Other places to visit in this Andean country include the Sacred Valley, the archaeological sites of Chavin, the floating islands of the Amazon, or the Mayans culture.

4. Buenos Aires, Argentina

13 Best Places in South America to Visit

This cosmopolitan city is perfect for those who wish to experience the culture of Latin America. The city is filled with museums, parks and cultural sites. Some of these are the National Museum of Fine Arts, the National Museum of Anthropology, the Botanical Garden or Casa Rosario.

Buenos Aires is also a great place to visit if you are interested in the wildlife. Some of the animals you can visit here are the giant anteater, the pink freshwater crab, the pink river dolphin, and the pink river dog.

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5. Santiago, Chile

13 Best Places in South America to Visit

Santiago has a range of places to visit, including the Valle de los Volcanes National Park, the Andes Mountains or the Valle de la Luna National Park. This is a cosmopolitan city and is a good place to visit for those who wish to experience the culture.

Some of the places to visit here include the Plaza de Armas, the Plaza Manuel Sanhueza, the Mapocho River or the Teatro Municipal.

6. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

13 Best Places in South America to Visit

This is one of the most vibrant cities in the world. The city is home to some of the best museums and cultural sites in the world. 

Some of the popular places to visit here are the Copacabana beach, the Ipanema beach, the Sugarloaf Mountain, the Christ the Redeemer statue or the Maracana Stadium. 

Visitors can enjoy some outdoor activities like beach volleyball, outdoor swimming or outdoor adventure sports like bungee jumping.

7. Venezuela

13 Best Places in South America to Visit

From the shore to the summits of the mountains, Venezuela is a place with stunning scenery and unexpected views. Venezuela is a popular place to visit because of the Tabletop mountains that are home to magnificent waterfalls. Other places including outlying islands and coastal villages provide relaxing getaways and soft sand beaches.

Inland, the colorful and energetic cities are set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Andes Mountains, which rise to a height of over 16,000 feet, and the Orinoco Delta is teeming with animals.

The country’s capital and largest city, Caracas, offers a unique brand of adventure thanks to its numerous cultural landmarks and surrounding attractions.

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8. Orinoco Delta, Venezuela

13 Best Places in South America to Visit

In comparison to other regions of Venezuela, the Orinoco Delta in the northeast offers a completely unique environment and experience. Some of the popular places to visit are the river and Delta. The river delta is home to a variety of fascinating fauna, including piranhas, macaws, and monkeys.

In addition to taking visitors out on boats to see animals and interact with the Warao people in the area, Riverside Lodges also offer multi-day packages. 

9. Bolivia

13 Best Places in South America to Visit

Bolivia is considered one of South America’s best-kept mysteries. The place is home to the largest salt flats in the world, the most dangerous road in the world, 36 indigenous communities, and a massive variety of species.

Bolivia is still one of the least popular travel locations, yet both inexperienced and seasoned travelers will find enough adventure there. You’re bound to find something on this list that will whet your appetite for your upcoming vacation given all that makes Bolivia so well-known.

10. Montevideo, Uruguay

13 Best Places in South America to Visit

The capital of Uruguay is a relatively short distance away from Buenos Aires. This city, which is situated along the Atlantic Coast, is well-known for both its luxury beach community of Pocitos and its charming central district.

When you arrive, make your way to Plaza Independencia, which marks the boundary between the downtown area and the old town. Additionally, search for the Palacio Salvo and the Castillo Pittamiglio among the city’s art deco and neoclassical structures.

11. São Paulo, Brazil

13 Best Places in South America to Visit

Sao Paulo is the biggest and one of the best cities in South America.

Find some intriguing places to visit before your trip so that you may avoid being overwhelmed by the sheer diversity of the art. This ensures that you make the most of your time when visiting a large city like Sao Paulo and prevents you from becoming overly overwhelmed.

12. La Paz, Bolivia

13 Best Places in South America to Visit

You might not be aware of this, but La Paz is the world’s highest administrative capital. This elevates it to the status of a must-see sight.

Here, you can enjoy stunning views of the metropolis that practically sprawls down the canyon and clings to it from a high vantage point in the Andes Mountains.

13. El Calafate, Argentina

13 Best Places in South America to Visit

El Calafate’s rise in popularity over the past several years is understandable given that it serves as the entrance to Los Glaciares National Park. This makes it one of the greatest cities in South America to visit.

The Perito Moreno Glacier, located in this city on the edge of the Southern Patagonian Ice Field, is one of the main attractions in this part of South America. There are multiple activities you can do while traveling to El Calafate including hiking, and sightseeing.

Also, remember to visit the Glaciarium Patagonian Ice Museum. This is the place to go if you want to know more about the scenery.


South America is a region of mind-blowing diversity, with a myriad of landscapes, cultures, and cities. Visitors will find great diversity in this part of the continent and can also enjoy a range of activities. The 15 places we’ve stated above give you a lifetime adventure experience.

 These cities can be visited as a part of a longer trip, as a side trip, or even as a stopover on a longer trip. They are all popular with visitors, have a lot to offer, and are worth a visit. You will not be disappointed with your choice of a city to visit in South America. Find the best hotels, resorts, and flights on Omio.com with zero difficulties & make your holiday carefree.